Why You Must Visit Waimea Kauai

Have you ever wanted to visit a place with an enigmatic name and breathtaking sites? Consider Waimea Kauai whose name translates to “red water”. It does not get more interesting than this. The climatic conditions here range from sunny to humid but on most days, the weather is sunny, ideal for outdoor activities.


The historic town has legendary sites that you will absolutely fall in love with. The first stop is the Waimea Canyon Road, which ushers you into a world of different canyon points. These canyon lookout features can be viewed from any angle. These viewpoints are just a short walking distance and they can be accessed even by the handicapped. Alternatively, you can opt to use a guide to take you through the access points for a small fee.

Other sites to enjoy include:

The Technology and visitor’s center in West Kauai art lovers will have a field day traversing through this center that boasts various historical artifacts from national and international legendary artists. Feast your eyes on Hawaiian hardwood pieces (handmade), canoe paddles, photo frames, paintings and so much more.

After a long day traversing through the historical town, you are most likely to be worn out. Many massage parlors provide the best services. Enhance your day by giving your body a treat. If you are the adventurous kind, you will enjoy the traditional Hawaiian massage known as lomi lomi technique that incorporates the revered sense of aloha that leaves your body relaxed and ready to tackle more adventure.

west kaui technology

The Waimea Canyon located in State Park is bound to leave you in awe. Ranked as the largest canyon in the entire Pacific, this canyon stretches up to 10 miles and goes up to 35,000 feet deep. The beauty about this canyon is that it is surrounded by other beautiful sites such as parks, botanical plants and wildlife.

Why Waimea Kauai remains a prolific town

You will have fun listening to the historical facts and myths from the locals. Historical information includes the ancestors of the Waimea location and their beliefs, civilization and missionaries who brought religion in this area. They say there were no mosquitoes in this town during the pre-colonial era. It is believed European sailors ferried mosquitoes through their brackish water and unleashed them into the Hawaiian rivers.

Nature freaks will love the morning breeze in Waimea with its sea salt seasoning. The cool air and the morning mist are not to be missed as you wait for sunrise. After daybreak, you might want to for a picnic in the beautiful parks of this area. In this case, carry your own food and drinks and ensure that your car is sufficiently fuelled because finding a petrol station along the way might disappoint you. There are alternate roads that lead to the canyon and thankfully, most parks are well equipped with restrooms.