This Vamsam Tamil Serial episode of Vamsam

This Vamsam Tamil Serial episode of Vamsam starts with heated discussion between ponnurangam’s father and aunty Kanchana. The father wanted his sister kanchana to ask her daughterinlaw to cancel the stay order which she secured from the court in order to prevent ponnurangam from discharging his duties as Managing Director of Shakthi Group of Industries. Kanchana says that she cannot do it, and she even challenges her brother that he would pay for if he goes ahead in making his ponnu as an MD.
Back in Dr. Madan’s house,madan and his mother are very angry to how bhoomika made them a fool by not accepting the divorce in the family court. There is serious twist to the Vamsam serial. Madan feels very bad for supriya whom he is to marry soon. Madan’s office friend comes home with her would be to deliver the invitation for her up coming marriage. She soon enquires about boomika. Boomika hatches a plan now to let her father in law know that she is pregnant. She falls unconscious in front of everybody. Madan’s friend who is also a doctor confirms bhoomika’s pregnancy. Dr. Madan’s father is overjoyed and blesses his son and daughter in law bhoomika. He conveys this happy news to everybody including shakthi’s family.
Madan & his mother are more angered by the entire episode. Madan’s mother said that she will find away to abort the pregnancy of Bhoomika. As they talk farther drmadanget’s an idea for their problem. This episode of Vamsam ends here.

This episode of Vamsam begins with dream of ponnurangam. In the dream the father of ponnu asks his son to follow him to Singapore. Ponnurangamrefuses , stating that he will not be forced into this. Ponnu’s father explains how he badly needs ponnu and threatens to kill ponnu. Shakthiinterfere’s and by mistake kills her father in law. When this end ponnu is woken up from the horrible dream and explains his dream to shakthi. Shakthi says that he should not worryand  nothing would happen her father in law.
During the night kanchana meets the hired killer and hands him the gun and the money to execute her brother. He asks the killer to kill her brother the next day morning as his brother will go for a walk.
This episode of Vamsam gets interesting. The next morning we see ponnu’s father preparing for his morning walk. He is talking over the phone and bangs his head against the door. Shakthi asks him to sit down and drink water. She explains about the dream of ponnu to him and asks him not to go out as she is afraid of something would happen. Ponnu’s father smiles and tells that he does not have sentimental value for this. Even after ponnu request him not to go, ponnu’s father leaves for the walk.
Ths killer waits for him Ponnu’s father at the beach and finally points the gun at ponnu’s father. He mentioned that he is going to kill him as per kanchana’s instruction. He also mentioned that if ponnu’sfather give him more money he would kill kanchana. There is slight fight, ponnu’s father starts running. The killer finally shoots ponnu’s father and badly injures him.

The killer runs away from the scene.

This episode of Vamsam begins with conversation with Dr. Madan and his Mother. They are not happy with the way bhoomika revealed her pregnancy and let his father know about it.
They then hear car engine roar In front of their portico. They are surprised to see shakthi’s family including ponnurangam . Madan’s father greets them and happy to see them come with sarees, flowers and fruits to bless bhoomika. Dr Madan and his mother are more angered. Any way they invite them into the house.
Dr. Madan’s father asks Dr Madan and Bhoomika to take blessing from Thangam the elderly aunt of Shakthi. Dr madan seeks her blessing reluctantly. The entire family blesses the couple and they depart.
Dr Madan Takes his mother to a different room and hatch a plan to fix the marriage with his sweetheart supriya. He with the help of his mother would take supriya to Guruvayor and get married there. Dr Madan’s mother ask him to execute the plan immediately before supriya comes to know about bhoomika’s pregnancy. Dr, Madan promises his mother that he would do it immediately.
Bhoomika overhears the entire conversation and decides to take her problem to a temple diety nearby. She asks goddess to help her stop her husband in getting married. Her village friend a small girl sankari appears in the temple and goes behind the the goddess stataue, and advices bhoomika. Bhoomika is surprised to see goddess talk in sankari’s voice.She advices to take the opinion her sister sankari.Sankari appears and asks her not worry. She will help her to stop the wedding of Dr. Madan.
Supriya appears in the temple and talks with bhoomika and sankari. They exchange pleasantries. Supriya says she will help bhoomika in finding her husband. Supriya leaves and sankari takes the phone number of the Dr supriya. She talks about her plan in calling her and examingbhoomika and thus revealing the secret to the doctor.
The final scene of this episode of Vamsam ends with Kanchana calling an hired killer in Singapore asking him to come down immediately for a job. She promises him big money.