Urave Uyire

Urave Uyire The episode starts with Shalini telling her she agrees to him. Everyone was shocked and she also told everyone that Shiva and her parents will help her in the studies and she wants to study in India and don’t want to go abroad. Everyone was happy to hear this, but Ravi feels bad and started crying. He started leaving that place thinking about Shalini.

Ravi’s mother started scolding him for his behavior. She expresses her anger on him and why he does everything for Shalini. Ravi started thinking about the conversation with Shiva. Shiva thanks Ravi for being supportive for him. Ravi advices him to love her truly. Ravi’s mother keep on scolding her.

Shalini was thinking why suddenly he left and that time Shiva came there. Shalini felt shy and went Shiva came there. She feels something different and she says that she was searching for Ravi.


Ravi and her mother both were crying. Ravi’s mother told him to cry once for all and she also warns him that he should not think about her again anymore.

On the other side Shiva tells Shalini that he wants to love her before there marriage and he asked her to express her love to him.

Ravi and his mother were crying badly.

Shalini’s father and Shiva’s father were sharing sweets to each other and everyone was happy and enjoying the moment. Sindhu making fun of the granny. They wanted to decide on the date for their engagement. Immediately he calls Ravi and asked him to come to his home.

Ravi started to go there. Her mother warns him not to go, but he refuses her request and leaves that place.

They fixed the date which is nearing to Vinayagar Chathurthi. Ravi was standing outside and his boss calls him inside. He asked whether he wont congratulate him and gave some sweets to Ravi and thanks him. He said that because of him only it is all happening. He wants Ravi to make all the arrangements for the engagement. His younger daughter tells that she could help Ravi in making the arrangements.

Shalini called him and he said congrats and leaves.

Ramesh came to his Room and Gowri was packing the cloths. Ramesh said that he wants to talk to her something and gave flight tickets and tells her that she is going abroad. Ramesh thanks her and asks her to go along with Prabhu. He also told her that Prabhu also loves her a lot and she deserves to be with her. He tells that Prabhu was acting the other day and also tells her that Ramesh had also fallen in love with her. She forced her to go along with Prabhu. Ravi was over hearing all their conversation. Ravi also telling her the samething to go along with Prabhu. Salini is also happy for his decision. Shiva interrupts and says that he shouldn’t go with Prabhu. Shiva tells that you have to be with Ramesh and not with Prabhu. Shiva started advicing her to be with Ramesh.