Most unique spas around the world

Spas worth travelling to

Timeless, ennobling power of SPA pleasures assures zero stress and is a great healthy reward for the soul. If you need a break, take a dip in our list of some of the world’s best spa resorts.

Baden-Baden in Germany: In Baden Baden “Belle Epoque” is alive; the pace of life is hectic as it was in the old times, when people came here because of restorative healing powers of ionizing sources. “I am fully confident that I left my rheumatism in Baden Baden – Mark Twain wrote – Baden Baden can keep it.”


Dead Sea in Israel: The mud of the Dead Sea was part of the restorative and beauty treatments in the Promised Land from the times of the Queen of Sheba (it is known that Cleopatra came here for treatment). Mineral-rich area and its hot springs contribute to multiplying the spas in and around coastal Gedi kibbutz, surrounded by lush green oasis on the slope of the red rock desert.

Ancient Thai Massage – temples of indulgence: Massage, the oldest form of treatment in Thailand, is an ancient Eastern practice, long considered the ultimate restorative forces experience. In every corner of Bangkok neon offer “modern” massage, but the authentic practice that can leave you rejuvenated and overcome the effects of jet lag when traveling by plane, lies elsewhere.

 Budapest – bathroom in the style of the Ottoman pashas: The occupation of Hungary by the Turks between 1541 and in 1686 still felt honored tradition of public baths, a form of leisure that Hungarians take very seriously. Over thirty spa in Budapest offer the possibility to take part in this ancient ritual of revitalizing and strengthening bathrooms.

“Homestead” in the US – spa resort and world-class historic hot springs: Follow the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson to the rustic bathrooms “Jefferson Pulse” for a sybaritic and therapeutic soak in mineral-rich 37-degree water – an experience akin to bathing in hot “Perrier”. Historical bathrooms are kept from the neighboring resort hotel with 500 rooms “Homestead” majestic beautiful Georgian building, reminiscent of European spa resorts, such as Baden-Baden.

“Canyon Ranch Health Resort” in the US – a health center, world-class: A pioneer in the open for both sexes fitness resorts in the United States, “Canyon Ranch” was opened in 1979. and soon became one of the most famous North American centers to maintain health and good shape. Most people come here to shed their life under severe stress and many unhealthy habits. SPA procedures are the primary component of the overall approach to good health here.

Ten thousand waves in the United States – are treated with water under the stars: Take atmosphere of traditional Japanese onsen hot mineral spring and insert it indoors, add the panorama of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the scent of pines and juniper bushes shake childish thrill of discovery of all in a beautiful natural environment, and you get “ten Thousand waves “, a unique health resort in New Mexico, USA.

Bubbling Rotorua in New Zealand – primitive science fiction show: In Rotorua, the center of intense thermal field of Taupo volcanic plateau, bubbling mud pools and sulphurous vapors whistling through the cracks in the ground, creating a bizarre geo-thermal spectacle that George Bernard Shaw called „the hellish scene“ ever seen . In Rotorua live one third of New Zealand‘s Maori, whose legends explain geothermal activity as a flame the gift of the gods.

Karlovy Vary – trio spa resorts in Bohemia: “I feel as if I’m in a paradise of innocence and simplicity,” wrote Goethe, who spent sixteen months in Karlovi Vary, Czech Republic, better known abroad under its German name – Carlsbad. In the biographies of Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, Liszt and many other twice and repeatedly mentions how they have found inspiration here during his frequent visits.

“Golden Door” in California – Spa of all spa: Sdayte their skepticism on the doorstep and leave behind the eight weeks of cell phones, business dinners, nannies, end dates, and insomnia. Constantly rated among the best spa centers in the US, „Golden Door“ houses of 1376 they wonderful acres only 40 guests and is designed in a Japanese style, with meticulously pruned foliage meditative sand gardens, raised wooden walkways and ponds which. This paradise is located in the sunny state of California, about two hours from Los Angeles.

The magic of mineral water in Hissar: Nature has given to Hissar greatest treasure – the magic fountains of health and beauty! Millennial history proves that the unique qualities of the area have inspired people since ancient times not only to visit but to stay. In Hisar climate is mild and pleasant, well-maintained paths, the air is clean and fresh and mineral water brings relaxation and a feeling of complete rest for everyone who dared to touch her magic.

Santa Maria Novella di Firenzi: Today, the spirits have to live 20-30 years, to be called classical. “Santa Maria Novella”, is about 600 years old! Florence near Piazza “Santa Maria Novella” is a Dominican monastery with the same name. For tourists it – graceful as an ivory casket, a church, and quirky ensemble of late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. For connoisseurs of the same – this is the place where one of the oldest perfume cases in the world, have come down to us.

Brand “Santa Maria Novella di Firenzi” successfully passed all the eddies of turbulent history of the twentieth century Italy, and still exists today. It is known for its colognes, produced on traditional recipes, flavored oils and salts for the bath.