Travel in Indonesia: Bali round trip

The beautiful multi-island country of Indonesia has many natural facets. Also Indonesia is well-known for its historical culture. So, the largest Hindu temple on the central island of Java is the one in Prambanan, whereas the famous Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple construction. Why not travel for a longer time guided by a local tour guide? Also, the island Bali is a cultural and natural highlight. And Bali as well as Java and the whole country Indonesia are prepared to go on a round trip. An example of a very beautiful Indonesia / Bali round trip you can find at the website of the German tour operator Intakt-Reisen. With more than fifteen years experience specialising in active and nature travel Intakt-Reisen today offers a carefully selected range of journeys. With the flexibility of our tailor-made service they create your ideal trip arranging overnight stay in carefully chosen country inns or authentic lodges.

bali around trip


Over the last years Intakt-Reisen has been seriously committed to responsible travel and true sustainability. This ensures that they can provide high quality trips of exceptional value. Good to know: The tour operator arranges and organizes also your group travel holidays or individual travel. Indonesia and Bali are destinations where it is very recommended to do such a organized round trip. Bali is a province of Indonesia. The island includes the island of Bali itselves and some smaller neighbouring islands. Notably Nusa Penida, which is located at the end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, between Lombok to the east and Java to the west. The capital of Bali is Denpasar and it is located at the southern part of the island. Bali is not only an island of fantastic sand beaches but also full of culture and even more temples.

Consequently it is the best way to learn as much as possible in an appropriate time. Enjoy a 5-day cruise on a traditional Balinese schooner. Visit the volcanoes on the island of Flores and a traditional village on Lombok before you return to Bali and finally leave South East Asia for home. Some other things you should do if you are travelling in Bali:

  • Canyoning in the Gitgit Waterfall
  • Seeking the holy waters in the Tirtha Empul Temple
  • Visiting Kuta Beach which is one of the most popular tourist spots in Bali
  • Making a stop at the Ulu Watu Temple

I can promise it is an experience you will remember back the rest of your life.