Top Sports Arenas of the World

Sport is the one thing that manages to bring the best out of us. Football in particular has distinguished itself as the world’s favorite sport. Encouraging healthy competition amid cheers from fans, family and friends is an unmatched experience, for participants and spectators alike. It is likely that you have a favorite sport, team and even player, and watching them play is an enriching experience.

Now, take that feeling and multiply it maybe a hundredfold, and you will be close to capturing the thrill and pleasure of watching your favorite team live in action in some of the world’s top stadiums. From the Roman sporting arenas have arisen the stadia that we see today, all so magnificent and resplendent, always drawing the multitudes en masse to enjoy live sporting events. Below are five of the best:


  1. The Old Trafford

This 80,000- seater stadium in Manchester England is the home stadium of football legends Manchester United Football Club. The stadium served as a temporary bunker during the Second World War and it has as it were seen all the action and relived tales of triumph and loss alike. Old Trafford was nicknamed the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ and rightly so; watching a live match here is an experience that should be on every football lover’s bucket list.

Fans can be heard chanting “Glory glory Man United” throughout the arena and the action on the pitch seems to be fuelled by the adrenaline of ardent fans. A live match at the Old Trafford is truly an awesome experience!

  1. The Camp Nou stadium

Camp Nou is located in Barcelona, Spain and it has a seating capacity of close to 100,000 fans. Barcelona distinguishes itself as the Basque capital and is reputable as one of the most ‘liveable’ cities in the world, making it an ideal location for a holiday around sporting events. Camp Nou stadium is the home ground for Spain’s most awe-inspiring team, the Futball Club Barcelona (FC Barca for short).

Football fans hold the arena in awe, owing in great part to the level of mastery and skill displayed by the players that have graced this pitch, from the retired Rivaldo and Ronaldinho to Messi, Iniesta and Neymar, who still play for the team now. The stadium provides a reverent experience, with great energy and atmosphere at each game.

  1. The Santiago Bernabeu

Located in Madrid in Spain and seating 85,000 fans, this arena is home to the Europe’s toughest team, Real Madrid. The stadium has hosted some of the most iconic moments in football history, making a trip to Santiago Bernabeu something of a pilgrimage for the die-hard football aficionados.

The atmosphere is always charged and games proceed at a feverish pace, transforming the experience into football paradise for all in the stadium.

  1. The Allianz Arena

Located in Munich in Germany, this stadium seats nearly 80,000 fans and is the home ground for Germany’s football titans, Bayern Munich. The design of the arena gives sweeping views of the pitch from whichever location of the stadium.

Every single fan has an unobstructed view of the action down below, making every match played on the arena a true treat for all who grace the Allianz Arena and ensuring that sporting event tickets get sold out within minutes of hitting the stands.

  1. The Maracana

It is located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and has a capacity of nearly 80,000. The Maracana always enjoys a charged atmosphere, with drama and electric excitement from the spectator stands, and a treat of goals upon goals from the pitch below. This pitch has hosted the world’s most revolutionary football players, including Socrates, Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Dunga. If only for that, the Maracana is a must visit pitch for every football enthusiast.