Tips to Travel to Xi’an by Train from Beijing

Choosing train or high-speed railway as the domestic transportation methods inside China is quite popular among foreign tourists. As to tourist traffic mode between Beijing and Xi’an, two of the hottest tourist destinations in China, many travelers take the overnight soft sleeper train. That is also what we recommend. Overnight trains from Beijing to Xi’an usually depart Beijing around 19:00 and arrive in Xi’an around 8:00 of the following day. Checking the link Transportation from Beijing to Terracotta Warriors and Horses visitors will get the timetable of three most taken overnight trains from Beijing to Xi’an. Some travelers choose the overnight trains for experiencing Chinese train, some for sparing more day-time for their visiting activities, and others for saving travel expenses. It is really an ideal transportation method no matter out of which reason tourists choose the overnight train. Here we would like to introduce tourists with some matters needing attention when you take a Beijing to Xian tour by trains.



Tips to buying train tickets

If you buy train tickets with the help of travel company(s), you need just to deliver copy of your valid passports and get the tickets from the company.


If you buy train tickets on your own, you may need to present your original passports to ticket seller. There are ticket vendors in each train station, but as far as we know, travelers can only buy tickets from these tickets vendor by scanning their ID Card. That means passports are not effective for a tickets vendor. Besides, agencies of train tickets are usually spread in many places, you can search online and find out the one nearest to you and buy your tickets with your original passports there. Or you can book a train ticket on the official website of Chinese Railway on condition that you register on the website.


Tips to taking trains

First, packing and checking all your belongings with you and try your best to avoid leaving any of your things behind in hotel by mistake.

Second, trains to Xi’an are all sent off from the West Train Station of Beijing, so please arrive in the West Train Station at least 1 hour but at most 2 hours before your train starting. Because the railway are often full of passengers and you need to wait in line to enter the train station. But if you arrive too early, you will be refused to enter the station because according to railway station managing rules in Beijing, passengers can only enter the train station no more than 2 hours earlier. And the ticket checking is stopped 5 minutes before train starting. When you pass the ticket checking place, please present your passport and ticket to inspector.

Third, the serial number of your soft sleeper is printed on your tickets and you will find your place in soft sleeper carriage according to the number, soon the train attendant will come to you to change your train ticket to a soft sleeper card. And when your train is almost arrived in Xi’an station, your train tickets will be changed back. Generally speaking, one can not change the bed without permission, excepting for changing beds with your friends. If you indeed need to change a bed, you can go to train attendant for help.

Fourth, please pay attention to the safety of your carry-on luggage. Though the soft sleeper carriage is quite safe, but the stealing is still not totally stopped yet.

Fifth, if Xi’an is not the end station of your train, please keep awake and listen to stop-calling carefully when it is near the time of Xi’an arriving. It will be much troublesome to miss your stop.


Tips to get off the train

When you get off the train, please checking your belongings once more and make sure every thing is with you.

Travel to Xi’an from Beijing by high-speed railway is a new favorite for many tourists. It is quite worthwhile to take. Tips to taking high-speed railway are the same of the normal trains that mentioned above. Clicking the link Transportation from Beijing to Terracotta Warriors and Horses traveler can check the timetable of high-speed railway from Beijing to Xi’an. There are more that fifteen high-speed trains for your reference. You can choose one among them according to your time schedule.


Friendly reminder

About luggage

According to railway transport rules, the weight and volume of luggage taken for free by passengers are like the following.

Children (Including the children who can take trains for free) can take 10kg luggage for free. Diplomatic officials can take 35kg for free, and the other passengers can take 20kg for free. The sum of length, with, and height of each luggage must be limited within 160cm. The length of shaft can not be longer than 200 meters. The folded wheelchair of the disabled can be carried into carriage for free regardless of its weight and size.


About children tickets

Whether your kid(s) should buy a ticket or not are influenced by their heights but not the ages. In China, kids under 1.1 meters can take trains for free. Kids from 1.1 meters to 1.5 meters should pay half-price for the train taking. And the kids above 1.5 meters need to buy a full-price ticket.

Each passenger can take one kid that under 1.1 meters for free. If two or more kids under 1.1 meters travel with one adult, half-price tickets should be bought for them.