Things to do in Bangkok

As I sat to decide upon a vacation spot for our family, I came across many options on the internet. I almost selected a hill station for our getaway when I came to know that the region had witnessed heavy snowfall and all the modes of transport connecting to this place were closed. I thanked my stars for not being there at that moment and booked tickets for Bangkok instead. My family was super excited about the trip and was looking forward to a crazy and enjoyable stay.  The best hotels in Bangkok offer the same kind of service that any five-star hotel would offer anywhere else. I was extremely happy with the kind of treatment my family received. I happened to visit almost all the beaches around the vicinity. The beaches there are very clean and the sunsets are mind blowing. As my kids loved playing in the water we opted for a variety of nautical sports activities.


I happened to visit a few temples there which I always planned to see. I made sure that my wife got a massage from the best spa in the city. She was extremely relieved by the spa therapy that she received because she wanted to relax her body and ease all the stress points.  There are a number of things to do in Bangkok that one would not want to miss. We were so delighted to visit all the places in this trip, for this was one of the rarest family getaways that we ever had together. We were completely mesmerized by the kind of services offered wherever we went. Bangkok is surely a relaxing location, be it the beaches or other leisure facilities. I wanted to spend extra time with my kids there but I could not because we had planned a trip for only a week. My wife had this notion that she would be bored of this place within five days but it did not happen so. Once we landed, she seemed to have gathered all the excitement of a lifetime.  We have planned to make a trip here with our extended family who in my opinion would be more than delighted to join us the next time.

Bangkok attractions were very relaxed on my pocket and I did not have to stress more on the finances of my vacation budget. I wish I had extended the visit by another week but time constraints compelled us to return earlier. All throughout our stay, the climate was feasible and we were on our feet to explore as many places as possible. We made use of alluring travel schemes that seemed to have cut costs majorly.

Of all the places I have visited so far, Bangkok has been the most memorable one.  The hotels, the spas, the malls, the parks: everything about this place is so tempting that it makes me want to go back again. A truly impressionable experience that I took back home was the visit to the sky bar. I feel in love with the roof top restaurant where I enjoyed with my family that was thoroughly enchanted by the breeze and skyline of the city.