The Right London Vacation Rentals Are Easy To Find

London is one of the most sought after destinations by tourists and adventurers. It is a place rich in culture with an astounding history that will simply leave visitors in awe. With mind blowing Gothic, Norman and Tudor architecture, travelers are able to immerse themselves in the urban beauty as they visit the various hotspots such as museums, art galleries, pub, restaurants and music venues. Obviously, London has plenty to offer for those craving a world-class vacation.

In order to make the most of your stay, it’s important to find accommodations that offer comfort and security. This, of course, is to avoid the hustle and bustle of having to search for expensive hotel rooms with hidden charges and instead booking an apartment or special hostel. Various agencies are available to offer counsel on the right London vacation rentals depending on your budget, party size and desired location. The right London vacation rental can really make your trip to this magnificent city.


Among the top London vacation rentals agencies is WorldEscape. It is a family-run company that offers accommodation bookings for apartments, London boutique hotels and the best hostels the city has to offer. The company has numerous vacation rentals and apartments throughout the London boroughs that can accommodate different group sizes with fair pricing. WorldEscape offers a variety of options for London vacation rentals depending on the intended budget of each client. This is done to ensure every client’s needs are met from low-budget accommodations to the top of the range luxury apartments.

WorldEscape goes a long way in ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. Their experts have access to numerous bed and breakfasts for clients who would rather prefer the coziness of these options. Begin your day of adventure with a Full English Breakfast for that authentic London experience! Fill up on black bacon, fried eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, toast and breakfast beans and you’ll have the energy you need to take on this hustle and bustle urban wonder.


Hostels are also available for budget-minded travelers looking for London vacation rentals. With most hotels rising to their potential, there is a lot of cleanliness and comfort offered. There are single rooms for those who prefer their alone time and also shared rooms for the adventurous types—these are especially great for lone travelers looking for like-minded explorers to share experiences with. Meet exciting people from all over the world over tea and pastries for breakfast or grab a few new friends and make your way to one of the many local pubs or nightclubs to create those wild memories you’ll hold onto forever.

Magic Rentals is another popular company for short-stay accommodation. All apartments are furnished with sanitary towels and luxury linens provided to provide ultimate comfort. The apartments provide Wi-Fi for today’s modern traveler. The company sends personnel to offer a friendly welcome on arrival and also offer transportation to your preferred apartment. They even offer explanations on how you can adapt to London culture and customs. Magic Rentals has apartments in Bayswater, but the their units in City of London are always in demand.

London has quite a lot to offer for those who thirst for adventure and love to explore urban areas. However, only by easily procuring the right accommodation can one experience the beauty and vast history of London stress-free. Vacation rentals offer a cheaper alternative to pricey hotel rooms while offering an authentic London experience.