Terracotta Warriors Day Trip from Beijing

Suggested transport vehicle: early morning flight or over-night soft sleeper

Nowadays the flight, train and high-speed railway are the three most popular domestic transport modes for tourist. And each mode has its own advantages and disadvantages. Taking the time limit of one day trip into consideration, we suggest early morning flights and over-night soft sleeper as the most ideal transportation mode.


By flight

In the morning, head to Beijing Capital Airport to catch an early morning flight, after around 2.5 hours you will arrive in Xi’an Xiangyang International Airport.

The suggested early morning flights are the following:

CA1203 (06:45/09:00), ZH1203 (06:45/09:00), HU7137 (07:15/09:20), CA1231 (07:50/10:05), ZH1231 (07:50/10:05), MU2102 (08:00/10:10)

Notice: Please check the real-time information on the above flights when your plan your trip.


By train

An overnight train will on one hand save day time for your tourist activities and on the other hand help to cut hotel expense. And most tourists will enjoy the overnight soft sleeper because it had been tried by thousands of tourists and almost no tourist has ever complained about it. The suggested overnight trains are Z43 (19:58/08:33+1 day), Z19 (20:41/08:51+1 day) and T231 (18:55/07:42+1 day).

In the afternoon, go to Beijing West Railway Station to catch your overnight soft sleeper, after a comfortable sleep, you will wake up in Xi’an Railway Station. Tourists would get off the train and take a special tourist line or taxi to Terracotta Warriors and Horses.

If it is your first visit to Xi’an, it is suggested to get a travel company to handle your one-day Terracotta Trip.


Itinerary of self-help Terracotta Warriors day tour

In the airport, tourists can take the airport limousine line 3 to Xi’an Railway Station and shift to special tourist line bus to Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum. Or you can take a taxi in the airport directly head to your destination in Lintong District, Xi’an City.

In the railway station, tourists can take a special tourist line bus to Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum.

Getting out of the special tourist line bus or taxi at the Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum, buying the entrance tickets and you can enjoy your Terracotta visiting. The visiting usually lasts 2~3 hours. It will be very helpful to have a museum guide since Terracotta Warriors is a historic relic but not the natural landscape.

Inside the museum, tourists can buy a book on Terracotta Warriors’ introduction with biography of the peasant who found the terracotta figures first. And outside the museum, many symbolic tourist souvenirs like paper cutting, leathery figures and imitations of terracotta figures are available.

For tourists who are interested in the production process of terracotta figures, the Terracotta Factory on the way to Terracotta Warriors and Horses is an ideal place to watch or learn how these terracotta figures are made. Besides, in the Terracotta Factory tourists can appreciate terracotta imitations of various sizes.

And on your way back from Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the other two tourist attractions are pretty worthy of visiting—— Huaqing Hot Spring and the Banpo Village Remains. If time allows, tourists can pay a visit to one of them. Checking the link Top Ten Attractions in Xi’an tourists can scan the brief introduction of Huaqing Hot Spring and Banpo Village Remains

When tourists’ one-day Terracotta trip is over, head to airport or train station and head to your next tourist destination.

Tourists can have lunch nearby Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum at Youyi Restaurant or Lao Xi’an Restaurant.


Itinerary of package day trip to Terracotta Warriors

Your private driver (with or without a private language capable guide) will pick you up upon your arrival in Xi’an at Xi’an Xiangyang International Airport or Xi’an Railway Station and transfer to Terracotta Warriors.

You would be accompanied by your private guide in the whole visiting process. He/she will give you a detailed and interesting explanation of the basic background and current situation of Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum and each exhibited terracotta figures.

According to your request, your guide will arrange your lunch and dinner (if they are included in the itinerary) for you.

When your whole day visiting is over, your driver (with or without private guide) will transfer you to airport or train station for vehicles leaving Xi’an.


Xi’an Departing


By flight

Tourists can take a tourist special line bus to Xi’an Railway Station and in the railway station shift to Airport Limousine line 3 to Xi’an Xianyang International Airport to catch the flight back to Beijing

Flights from Xi’an to Beijing in the afternoon or at night are as follows:

CA1224 (15:40/17:35), ZH1224 (15:40/17:35), MU2111 (16:05/18:00), CZ9364 (17:00/18:55), JR2113 (17:00/18:55), MU2113 (17:00/18:55), CA1202 (17:40/19:40), ZH1202 (17:40/19:40), MU2115 (18:00/19:55), MU2334 (18:00/19:55), HU7238 (19:20/21:05), CA1472 (20:25/22:20), CA6947 (20:55/22:55)

Flights information above is just for reference; please check the real time timetable for exact information.


By train

Tourists can take a tourist special line bus to Xi’an Railway Station to catch the overnight train back to Beijing. Three recommended overnight trains are the following ones:

Z44 (19:15/08:26+1 day), Z20 (19:30/07:00+1 day), T42 (19:36/09:16+ 1day)

By high speed railway

Tourists can take a tourist special line bus to Xi’an Railway Station. Then take a taxi to North Station of Xi’an for your high speed train back to Beijing.

Two suggested high speed trains are G674 (17:15/23:02) and G670 (18:05/23:26).


For tourists who have a private driver and guide, they will be transferred to airport, railway station, or High speed railway station directly from Terracotta Warriors.