Taking A Gap Year

Have you been thinking of taking a Gap Year? Many people have. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly more common to take some time off between high school and secondary school, and contrary to popular belief, taking a year off from your studies is not necessarily a bad thing.

When considering what to do and where to go, there are literally so many things you can choose to do. What you do depends entirely upon you, your goals, and of course your financial resources–if you’re looking at the possibility of traveling for example.

Taking A Gap Year

A lot of the time, students aren’t sure which direction to take when it comes to their post-secondary studies, and would like take some time to work, volunteer, and/or travel before locking themselves into a program at uni. This often helps students nail down a more specific career path. Working, volunteering, and traveling are all excellent ways to gain some valuable experience, and has helped some secure employment because of their transferable skills and experience.

Why not work/volunteer and travel all at once? Yes, why not? There are some great programs and companies that offer such opportunities. Like, how about having a life-changing experience in Borneo teaching and helping children while having some out-of-this-world jungle adventures?

These kinds of opportunities like the ones offered at http://theleap.co.uk/gap-year-travel/asia/ will certainly teach you a lot about the world, give you some valuable experience, all while having the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world.