Shanghai World Financial Center

Shanghai World Financial Center towers in Lujiazui area and neighbors the Jinmao Tower. It is built with a height of 474 meters and a construction area of 381.6 km2, amounting to 100 layers. Floors from the 94th to the 100th are all explored as sightseeing layers. The tower was completed in 2008. Currently it’s the No.2 highest skyscraper in China and the No.1 highest flat-topped-style building in the world. Many of the top 500 companies who have their branch offices in Shanghai have their office rooms in this financial center tower. Tourists ascending the sightseeing floors will get a complete bird’s eye view of landscape of Shanghai.


Once the tourists of Shanghai group tour go down to the basement floor, where they will buy and check the entrance tickets for sightseeing floors, the unique LED lights and images will immediately lead tourists into a supernatural land of dreams.

The Sightseeing Hall on the 94th floor is 423 meters tall from the ground and possesses a floor area of 750 square meters. Sightseeing hall of on this floor is 8 meters high from ceiling to floor. From here one could have a bird’s eye view of both the new and the old Shanghai. And having the wonderful scenery on two banks of Pujiang River as background, companies and groups could use this spacious hall to hold various exhibitions and activities, which can always shock attendees with unprecedented audio-visual experience.

The Sightseeing Bridge on the 97th floor suspends 439 meters above ground. It looks just like a overpass crossing the sky. Walking on the sightseeing bridge, one will feel like walking in the sky. The open-plan glass roof enables tourists to take a mouthful of the freshest air when they closely observe the blue sky and white clouds. On this sightseeing bridge, tourists would perfectly blend into surroundings.


At the very top of Shanghai Financial Center, tourists will meet the 100th floor Sightseeing Corridor, which is a 55 meters long hanging corridor. This corridor ranks the tallest sightseeing facility in the world by now. The floor of the corridor is paved with transparent glass tiles. Stepping onto the transparent glass floor, tourist will feel like standing on the highest peak and dominating all the other mountains. Tourists who are fear of high places should be careful when considering this sightseeing corridor as their tourist destination.

Tourists could either visit from the 94th floor to the 100th floor or the reverse. And on the 94th floor postcards are available to tourists. When the visit is done, tourist can also take the high-speed elevator to go down to the basement layers and the lowest three floors up ground to relax by shopping, window shopping, having meals or drinks.


  1. The sightseeing floors are quite high above the ground and the elevator runs quite fast, so the tinnitus may happen to some visitors, especially to kids. So if you have kids with you, please prepare something for protection.
  2. Visitors are not allowed to bring any inflammable or explosive things.
  3. Days of low visibility are not ideal for a high-altitude sightseeing.
  4. In public holidays there are more visitors, so tourists will wait more time for the elevator to sightseeing floors.