Roam Mobility is the best solution for Canadians travelling to the U.S

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, liabilities at home do not disappear when you leave. There are sometimes business problems that still need focus; loved ones wait for your phone call, and other important items that need to be addressed while you are travelling or out of country. Having a Smartphone along can certainly make the process of staying linked far simpler.

Before taking off anyway, there is planning to do. You will need to decide how these calls or text alerts will be made as your current Smartphone and service may very well job from your place.  There are numbers of selections but obviously a best place to begin is with your present cellular provider.


In order to reject extreme prices, most Canadians turn off their cell phones when they travel over the border to the United States in fact account for nearly 1/3 of the 60 million inbound trips to the USA each year.

“The little Canadian traveler goes down to the United States and buys a USA sim card, but issue is that there is a lot problem involved in this… what we did is generally ask, how do we solve this issue?  And what we closed up with is a product that is very easy and very transparent,” Emir Aboulhson Roam (CEO Mobilities) said.

Roam Mobility give roaming plans for about $3 a day with data plans that are $0.2 per MB. The firm explains itself as a substitution service.”  Customers buy a SIM card from the firm site (or another retailer), activate the service, and then enjoy unique roaming rates.  It looks like it is best for short trips to the United States.


Roam Mobility SIM Card is also accessible for purchase at two hundred different retailers’ at most big airports.

The downside to this roaming selection is the fact that in order for the service to job, since it is actually using a fresh SIM cards, you will assigned a latest phone number linked with your Roam Mobility SIM card. This signifies that before you travel to the United States for business or vacation, you will need to notify your family and friends that your number will be different.

“The one that that is special about Canadians is that we are little much data junkies, per capita we have the highest Twitter, Facebook and Smartphone users. Unluckily, we also have some of the top cell phone bills in the globe. The full idea of crossing a border that truly does not feel that foreign to us, and having to turn off your Smartphone, is type of bad experience.” Aboulhson said.

The firm also provides a $50 dual SIM card phone that permits users to use both their daily phone number and their Roam Mobility number at the exact time. Also, they offer a mobile hot spot gadget for $130 that designed to offer users a reliable internet link when they are travelling in the United States. It also deletes the need to mess around with Public and Hotel WiFi hotspots passwords.

If you are travelling to the United State Roam Mobility seems like the top wireless option, especially if you want to save 100s of dollars.

Certainly, travelling with Smartphone is not costly. Anyway, the convenience that it provides is not unimportant either. For infrequent travelers, renting is a best choice, for those with a more regular tour schedule having the perfect phone and perfect plan is best.