How to recruit manpower from Nepal

Nepal is a land lock country between china and India where around 70% of the people depends on agriculture. Majority of the people go abroad to work in the foreign land, due to the lack of job in their home country. Majority of the people migrated towards Middle East for searching the job. There are variety of manpower available in Nepal from low level skill worker to high set skill worker. Most of the migration and job facilities in the foreign country is managed by the manpower company in the country. There are thousands of manpower company in Nepal and it’s hard to choose the one that provide the skilled manpower required for your needs. In such circumstances, you need to choose the manpower company in Nepal with a strong past background that are determined to provide the required manpower for your company. The main area that Nepalese go to work abroad are middle east in low skilled work. Also, there are other country like Korea where lot of Nepalese people go early to work. People also go to study in western country and settle there to work after their study is over. Mainly Nepali are everywhere these days.


Grand Shikhar Overseas is a reputed manpower company in Nepal that has provided the manpower recruitment services since 10 years in different Middle East country. Whether it’s a high skilled manpower or low skilled worker, GSO are good at recruitment the desired workers of your choice. GSO provides all the general training to the manpower that are migrating to the other country, so that you don’t have to worry about their basic skillset required for the job.

Nepali workers are always known for their best honesty and the legitimate working practice under the company rule. The distinct climate condition of the country and the ability to change with the climate condition makes them the valuable assets of the company. English is the second language in Nepal, Majority of the people can speak broken English which is additional plus point for the job required by the agencies abroad. Nepali are well known to be born in the high altitude with the distinct power to cope with the colder environment. This strength can be the plus point for the construction work and many other factory related work. The benefit of recruitment Nepali people is the low wages compared to other country.