Reasons to Move to San Diego

San Diego is a lovely city. If you are active and like to be outside, the beautiful weather gives 300 plus days a year of outdoor activities. If you love the night life, the Gaslamp quarter is the location for you. If you love horse and ranches property you can find that as well. From the other parts of the nation, San Diego looks like all Beach, Sunshine and fun. These are the reasons to move to San Diego

Man Diego

Dating is poor in San Diego. San Diego County has the bad gender imbalance of any county in USA with more than one million people. In part this id due to the numerous army bases.  The standard is not very perfect either unless the just thing you care about is appearance.


Beaches in San Diego

This shocking endless college party neighborhood is included in San Diego foibles. Beaches in San Diego: where the trucks always lifted, the collars are always popped, and the sobriety always absent.

Few cultural arts

Compared to other large cities San Diego is severely lacking in the arts. Art, museums, galleries and other academic venues are few and far between.

Poor job opportunities

Unless you want to job in the service sector or already have a powerful job lined up before moving to San Diego is a small chance you will be capable to make it on your own. Even among the niche work markets the compensation is generally lower in San Diego that in other cities.

It never rains

It is the subtle thing that truly impacts you when living in San Diego. The rain that rinses off the dust on your vehicle. The rain that helps to keep your law green so you do not have to spend 100s of dollars to water it. The rain that charm you down on hot day.

Real-estate is costly

The sunshine tax as people call it here is very costly. The average house sales price in USA is $152k. In San Diego it is $421k.

May Gray/ June Gloom

Generally, the full spring and a perfect chunk of the summer is far from best weather. If your thought is San Diego is shorts and thongs all year you will either be sad or one of the many trembling people still pretending it was the perfect call to not wear any hot outerwear.

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