Pompeii is the top popular tourist places in Italy

If you have a Pompeii tour then you can watch the ancient city of Pompeii

As a powerful Vesuvius blew its top, some visitors come to the top of the volcano impressive.

You can reach the Vesuvius with a train, bus or hike.

It starts in a train rickety but reliable suburb of Naples or Sorrento surrounds, because, under Vesuvius, Pompeii Circumvesuviana From the bus stop, take the bus to the volcano at the end of the road. From there is a steep 30-minute walk of desolation, lunar peaks.

There are good places to visit in Pompeii tour like visiting Pompeii and Pompeii ruins.

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Do not forget vapors openings that while Vesuvius is quiet today, are only a geological nap. The last eruption was in 1944, and it is only a matter of time, not when it breaks again. The Italian authorities shut visitors Vesuvius volcano if they think that the act too bright.

But then, suddenly, the epidemic has changed. An avalanche of hot ash bricks and slope of the mountain near 100 mph. Pompeii and the 2,000 unfortunate souls who were left behind were buried, so that their bodies wrapped in volcanic deposits. How decomposed body, they left empty. Centuries later, archaeologists have found these spaces and gently stucco, creating forms, capturing cool their last moments of fear.

One of the most impressive aspects of Pompeii is like water was abundant. In tightly closed pipelines lead city water channeled from a water tank, the high-end of the city directly fed water tanks to rounding.

With tanks installed just below the height of the tank, gravity must ensure the work and good water pressure. Fontane a social center in intersections and a steady stream of water washes the streets clean cars crossed. The citizens of Pompeii enjoyed relaxing at his impressive public baths.

Today excavations in the once-thriving Pompeii offer the best view anywhere and ancient Roman life. Then Rome controlled the entire Mediterranean, and Pompeii was a big city, the harbor. Not rich, not poor Pompeii was the middle class. And because there was a port, was the fourth of a sailor, with many bars, beach clubs, brothels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

In good Roman style, the city was well organized, is included with its walls, with a grid of road map. Back in the old days, most of the streets of Pompeii was covered with stalls and customers hanging at sunset.

For lovers of antiques, the museum itself is worth a stop in Naples. Given the importance of the collection, is notable as the display dilapidated. But look at the dust bunnies.

The museum offers the best understanding of the art of Pompeii. The collection ranges from the great statues and mosaics refined the most intimate details of daily life. All objects are a testimony of Vesuvius irony: while the fury of the volcano destroyed Pompeii, but most of what the world knows, plays this ancient city.

For archaeologists, Pompeii was a bargain shake-and-bake. You have to work first on the site in 1700, before Italy was unified. The local king who ruled Naples asked: “Bring the best thing to find!”

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