Photography Tours

Harry Fisch has guided and planned little, beautifully designed elite photography tours to a lot of overseas destinations more than many years. The trips are thrilling and all over pleasant. Photography is our goal to discover different worlds, to observe truths other than our personal, and it makes us able to see what happens at the back of the photos and the experience that what the explorer observe the scene.

We have travelers of all ages, beginners and also skilled photographers; they have a keen knowledge of photography and meet the native people. During our photography tours, we discover the real beauty of the world.

The photography tours will exchange between lively photo gatherings on the ways and central areas of the town. We will have open, daily individual photographic contact with the denizens of lively cities that present nonstop photographic chances.

Our tours are around in India, Ethiopia, Cuba, china, Peru and also in Myanmar. Our photographic tour will enhance your photographic skilled and also abilities for photography. You also have to plan your tours in India and Ethiopia and Workshops. Because Ethiopia and India are most preferred destinations and there are simple people.


We are actually thrilled to bring in a constantly enhancing journey for our daring photographic tours and journey. We travel around the extremely top that this distant from a different country can present the escapade travel photographer. In this adventure, you have different experience and skills. In these countries, there are beautiful lakes, mountains, and landscapes to catch your attention easily.

These adventures are full of thrilling and also excitements. You cannot only enhance your skill of photography but also assemble with different cultures. Sometimes this photography tours was a hard challenge for you. But it has been an extremely positive and cherished experience. You have to get pleasure from your tour most.

Have an Exciting individual and also photographic skill to close and touch with the true countries, the citizens and the towns. We will be a picture to astonishing photographic chances and will craft them.

You are predictable to be in good form and health and being capable for the walk for some hours at a regular pace also as to be careful with your personal tools. We care for them and reserve right for fitness problems. Photography is just our lame excuse for discovering the world. This is the huge way to discovering the new world. And do more expeditions and adventures throughout your journey. This is the great moment for you to enjoy your tour.

And on photography tours you will get the attachment to different people with different thoughts and traditions. You come to know about their religions. It’s explored the world plus learns their cultures and tradition. Nomad expeditions have many good relationships with the citizens of different countries, and areas also. We were using up many of a good time with the people different countries. They get more popularity between them.