Online Classic Car Insurance Guide

If you are classic car owner, you are probably quite proud of your car. You have gone via lots of trouble buying, finding, restoring, repairing your classic car to get it into tip top shape. if you have all this time and finance invested into your car, you are probably thinking about how you can insurance and save it.

Anyway, you cannot just call up your daily insurance firm and get actual insurance for your classic. Since classic cars are valued differently than fresh ones, insuring them is little different. Classic cars are one of a type of investment, which takes unique expertise to worth and insure. Fortunately for you, classic car insurance is provided by several niche insurance firms. You can find these firms on the internet rather fast.


As you browse these websites and compare terms and quotes, you will notice a couple limitations that come into place before you can get classic car insurance. First of all, you must have a powerful driving record.  If you’ve got a long history of accidents, you probably won’t be allowed to get a policy. Many policies require ten years of driving experience.

Another general need is that you have a prove that have another type of transportation for everyday use. Since classic vehicles have a poorer security record than new ones, it is not guessed that you will be driving it all the time. Actually, many policies will restrict you to make five thousand miles of driving per year.



You also need to ensure that your vehicle qualifies as a classic car. Every firm has different policies for defining what qualifies as a classic vehicle, so be sure to check with your firm to ensure that your car qualifies.

You should also know that type of policy you are getting. Since many classic vehicles are one of type, they can be hard to price. You can get several kinds of policies: actual cash worth, stated worth, and agreed worth. Actual cash worth likes daily car insurance, which just pays you for the cost of the vehicle. Stated worth will pay you up to a certain stated worth for the car, but there are no guarantees of this worth. Agreed worth polices pay you are pre-agreed upon amount in the event of an incident.