Oia, the pure world of blue and white

Greece’s most beautiful Santorini, is a bright Pearl on the Aegean Sea, described by Plato, the land of the free. Saw someone describe it like this: If the Cyclades Islands are scattered in the Aegean Pearl necklace of heredity, then Santorini is the most dazzling diamond in the necklace pendant.

Fira is Santorini’s second largest town, was named one of the best sunset views in the world, every day, thousands of tourists from around the world gathered here, enjoying the sunset afterglow, quiet waiting and revel in the romance of the setting sun, and vow your beautiful lovers embrace. But regardless of the sunset, although only a small town main street, still full of flavor, savored, even one lane also has breathtaking scenery.

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The morning we put on a pair of asics shoes¬†began a one-day trip. In kamari shopping does not require brains, along main street, see the fork took pictures and then have to backtrack. Everywhere on the island Church, blue roof and White House, volcanic islands in the distance seems to be protecting the Santorini’s safe. Most of main street on the left is a luxury hotel built on the cliffs, there are also some traditional houses.
OIA white, pure white, blue, blue, pure and noble. Between the blue sky and sea studded with iron doors and Windows, really amazing designers extraordinary imagination. Although most of the houses on the island was built in the 13-16th century can be painted at least twice a year, to make it always look like new.

Pious Greece people have built countless churches on the island, they form close, white walls is very pure. Standing on a stone staircase, staring at the stands the cross of the Church on top of a cliff, background sea-wave ripple, is knocking at the ringing of the Bell in the clock tower, at the moment, man’s mind naturally formed a deep romance with respect, as if nature and the power of the gods are shining.
Main street on both sides of the shop, with includes rich Greece features artefacts and works of art. Every store, Gallery, jewelry store were not enraptured, OIA is also referred to as “artist village”.

For each colour, blue is the sky, light and elegant sea is blue, deep and calm. In the backdrop of this perfect, small red window, Yellow House, grey cross road, the note seems to be beating. Faced with such beauty, you can be a poet, a painter, a photographer, use your best way to sketch the most beautiful picture.