Niagara Glen Nature Centre

Explore exciting educational displays including “Animals of the Glen”, nature and geology “touch tables” and interpretive panels on the flora, fauna and geology of the Niagara Glen. Hand carved wood products by Master Carver Frank Kim, framed artwork by local artist Paul Augustino and paintings by members of the Parkway Artists Guild are also on sale at the Centre

Niagara Parks Naturalists are also be available at the Centre to answer any questions you may have.

Plant Conservation

Successful plant conservation and restoration is a multidisciplinary endeavor. A plant’s requirements for successful growth and reproduction is just the beginning of the effort. It is necessary to examine the restoration site for its natural history, to examine the impacts of the surrounding landscape on the restoration site and the impacts of the site on the surrounding landscape. It is necessary to determine what can and what cannot be changed for the future. Learn more about the natural history of the Niagara River Corridor, including soils and bedrock, vegetation, and climate and weather.

Environmental Initiatives

Niagara Parks has a duty to protect, enhance and manage both cultivated and environmentally sensitive lands along the Niagara River corridor. Niagara Parks are entirely self-funded and every purchase made by visitors to our properties helps to preserve this heritage. Learn more about the environmental initiatives your purchases help support.

Species at Risk

Many of the plant and animal life found in the Niagara Glen and along the Niagara River Corridor is classified as “Species at Risk.” Learn more about what this means and how you can stay informed.