Nasir Shakouri’s Top 5 New York Cheap Eats

New York is one of the top places to visit if you are a foodie that loves to eat. The variety of different types of culinary treats will not only delight the fatty in everyone, but you will be surprised by the range of ethnic options in the city. Nasir Shakouri has visited many restaurants in all 5 boroughs and has compiled a list of 5 must try restaurants for the budget conscious foodie in New York City. For more food and travel adventures, make sure to visit Nasir Shakouri’s blog.



1.    Halal Guys: This New York food cart started a revolutionary street food experience. The Halal Guys charge $7.00 for a ton of rice and Halal chicken or lamb. The white sauce and hot sauce are a signature flavor that they now package for to go orders. Nasir’s favorite meal consisted of the chicken and lamb combo over rice with extra red sauce.
2.     Totto Ramen: This small ramen shop in Manhattan sets itself apart from most of the other ramen shops by using chicken stock instead of the usual pork stock. The ramen at Totto Ramen is very complex and has many layers of taste that every foodie can respect. The complex flavors will leave you wanting more as you finish the last drop of soup. Totto Ramen is cash only, so don’t forget to bring some greenbacks when you visit this wonderful ramen shop.

3.      Taim: This little hole in the wall is tiny. It has about 4-5 seats for diners to fight over, but the food keeps everyone coming back. The falafel sandwich with the red sauce is delicious and can’t be beat in the city. The pita with za’atar is excellent and a must try. The service is friendly and fast, and its cheap so you can eat til you can’t eat anymore.

4.      Di Fara Pizza: New York is known for its bagels and pizza and Di Fara is a great example of a great pizza. A regular circle pizza pie costs around $28 and a rectangle pie costs around $32. Nasir Shakouri recommends the cheese pizza for the best example of a Di Fara pie. Di Fara is cash only, so leave your plastic at home when coming here. Remember, don’t leave New York without experiencing Di Fara.


5.      King of Falafel: They used to have a food stand, but KoF upgraded to a food truck with LED tv displays. The chicken platter is reminiscent of Halal Guys chicken over rice, but KoF has their own style. They throw in a free falafel when you buy a platter and will usually hand out free falafels if you walk by. They are usually located on Broadway and 30th in Astoria. The white sauce is amazing here and they are very friendly. If you want more pickles, just ask. Want more falafel? Sometimes they will throw in an extra one! You will definitely be full after eating here and for only $7 you can’t go wrong. Stick with the chicken over the shawarma.