Motorcycle on Rent in Chiang Mai, Thailand

As the number of tourists in Chiang Mai, Thailand are increasing the desire for their own Cheap Transport is also increasing. To provide Service to tourists many companies have started offering Motor Cycles on rent. These companies offer Bikes for few Hours or for few days and accordingly charge the Fee. These companies facilitate the tourists who can’t afford to get expensive Cars on rent and also they don’t want to import their own Motor Bikes.

The one of the best Bike rental Company in Chiang Mai, Thailand is “Chiang Mai Scooter Rental Co. LTD

The Company has been satisfying the Thousands of Customers since many Years. The Company not only rent you excellent Bike on Affordable rates but also offers you many other Facilities and Benefits.

Let’s review some of awesome Advantages of Renting a Bike from Chiang Mai Scooter Rental Company :


 Trouble Free Riding:


Most of the companies offers the Bikes that are very Old or they are not in satisfactory condition I.e. the Brakes and Suspension are often in worse condition.

The Chiang Mai Scooter Rental Company offers you the bikes which are not older than 3 Years. The Bikes are in excellent Condition and you can satisfy yourself by taking a trial ride prior to the Fee Payment. You can tour around the beautiful city of Chiang Mai without any trouble.


No Blackmailing:

If you are tourist in a City then there is a high risk of of getting into a minor Accident because you are not filmier with the routes and driving trends in the City. The most Motor Cycle rental Companies emotionally torture you and Charge heavy Fees in the Chase of even a Minor accident. The Chiang Mai Scooter Rental Company has the friendly Staff and they will just ask you to repair the Damage from any where or just pay reasonable fee.


Free Helmet and Anti Dust Masks:









The Chiang Mai Scooter Rental Company believes in providing best Services to the customers. To ensure your Health and Safety the Company provides you best Quality Helmet and Anti Dust Marks. You can even get 2 Helmets on the request without any extra Charges.

Free Treatment:

The most Companies are so selfish that they charge your huge amount on even minor accidents and even they doesn’t care about you. The Chiang Mai Scooter Rental Company is not like them. They offer you free medical treatment under Thailand’s medical insurance policy.

Free Sim Cards:

The company really cares about the tourists and offers you Free SIM Cards for making International Calls and Internet Surfing from Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Tickets for Attractions:

Company is an official partner of “Chiang Mai Night Safari,” “Flight Gibbon” “Tiger Kingdom” as well as other large and famous Chiang Mai tourist attractions. The Company offers you tickets for these attractions without any sort of additional charges to the actual Fee.

The Best Offer:

The best offer of the company is that you can contact them via Email or even by Social Networks like Facebook.
Even you don’t need to visit their officer they will deliver your favorite Motorcycle at your Residence.


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