Mauritius Island Tours

Mauritius Island, masked with impressive streams, plentiful forest, sparkling white sands, bordered with coconut palm trees and isolated coral reefs. One has every basis not just for couple tour but also for individual travelers, group tours and family tours. There is something for everybody! If natural attractiveness is your weakness, you will discover it beyond your wildest dreams! The special beauty of Mauritius islands shoreline, viewing all of the safe and sound splendors will be a unique experience for you which can never be forgotten. When you are organizing your special holiday visits to Mauritius you may wish to consider a nature adventure trip as one of the highlights to see the various type of wildlife. Leisure Park and Casela Nature will offer an exceptional experience and the chance to get the some of the top nature and wildlife photography that one can possibly guess for a Mauritius holiday trip.


Mauritius is often favored to as the Paradize Island (Paradise Island). The 3S (SSS) of Mauritius which have given it a global reputation as a place of choice for tourists are the sea, sun and sand. Mauritius is also very famous for deep sea fishing particularly for Blue Marlin. Some kinds of Blue Marlin are found just in the lagoon of Mauritius and no where else in the globe. The top place on Earth for traveler to spend holiday is of course Mauritius.


Air Mauritius is the big Mauritius air carrier. Air Mauritius moves more than one million passengers every year. It is the business with the top turnover in Mauritius anyway it is not the most gainful one as cost are big for this industry. The largest issue for Air Mauritius is the provision of fuels for its aeroplanes range. Mauritius Airport also has a rise figure of pilots in its crew.


Mauritius had been an ancient UK colony, so the official language of the island is largely English. Anyway, French is language generally spoken in Mauritius as a native language. So, it can therefore be relatively simple for tourists to go travel or shopping all over the island as there would be little or no communication issues at all, within the hotel and restaurants of Mauritius, tours could be delighted to taste the special Mauritian cuisine. Experiencing the religions and cultures can even bring perfect joy to amazing vacation.

Staying in VillaSarabel and Blue Bay Mauritius during vacation will actually make your stay more enjoyable. This is because resorts will have all the facilities that you may need during your stay. If, you have not gone before to Mauritius than it is best to surf internet and understand all about Mauritius.