Majorca Transfers

You want to go for holidays and if you are looking for an economical Majorca Transfer. We can present you transfers with reasonable prices. Our customers are our first priority. We give reliable shuttles and cabs for your Majorca Transfer.

We have to provide you Majorca Travelling to the enjoyable and adventurous Majorca Island. Arriving at the airport of Majorca’s Palma airport and Holiday visiting several locations roaming on the island can be provided by this. We provide best facilities for our customers. One of our gracious, expert drivers will be keenly awaiting your arrival at the airport, ready to whisk you away.

Whether you prefer one of our Majorca transfer taxis, reserve an airport shuttle, minibus or even a comfortable limousine, when you manage your Majorca transfer with us, you Majorca present some of the majority popular holidays in the Balearic Islands.

majroca transfer

Services for Majorca transfer:

* Traveler transfers from Palma airport to anywhere on Majorca.

* Our services are throughout the year

* We give you large and air conditioned cars and taxis.

* There are no hidden charges and fees.

* Meet your driver at our consumer reception office at the airport entrance.

* Transfer vans stay in parking area adjoining the arrivals hall for a flat rapid get away from this busy airport.

* All incoming flights is checked from offices in Palma airport to make sure pre-booked transfer transport is waiting for you.

* We give services from the airport to your accommodations.

* Move vehicles from a fleet of 400 all with expert drivers.

* All details are attached to with transfer booking receipt.

* Comprehensive transfer costs comprise all prices other transfer services pay extra for.

* A complete airport transfer service for all guests to Majorca.

Cheap option:

Our Shuttle Majorca Transfers are the cheapest choices for you to go from the airport to the hotel. The service can have a staying time at the airport approximately one hour before the transport leaves to your resort. We do not create journeys with you all over the places; we have different shuttles going to special resorts or locations. The shuttle coach will fall off and gather you only from hotels, not from private accommodations.

Transfer type:

  • Shared transfer:

The airport shuttle is a shared transfer with other travelers and can be completed by taxi, minibus or coach. This service is very cheap, quick and successful way of traveling from the airport to your hotel. The shuttle only works between the airport and large hotels with reception; it will not stay at private ways.

  • Private Transfer:

The private transfer is working directly from the airport to your accommodations. It is properly arranged for the convenience of you and the companions along with you. This can be done by using a taxi or a minibus it’s entirely your choice.

  • VIP Transfers:

The VIP transfer is a move from the airport to your housing. Your driver will be staying with a name symbol of Shuttle Spain Transfers on your arrival.

This is the page where you can reserve simple, fast and safe your Majorca airport transfer.