Machine translation vs human translators

Artificial intelligence and cybernetics

In the age of modern technology no surprise machine translation. Any student can download the program Pragma, Socrates or translate google mobile and translate homework. But not every student can understand that in such a transfer can receive fat deuce. Of course, machine translation is a fairy tale for those, who are not versed in the language, you just need to copy and paste the text you want and simply click on the “translation”. This form of transfer is very convenient for an overview of the text, but there is another question, that not everyone can give an answer – how accurate is machine translation?

Typically, in such a transfer there are many shortcomings and mistakes. Machine translation, for example, does not understand the linguistic quality of the theme: false friends.


The origin of machine translation.

The idea of ​​machine translation nurtured over the years, in fact, the era of programming and computers. In the 50s and 60s, during the Cold War, when the US Army has produced a lot of Russian documents, the concept of machine translation has become more than the demand. It is from this period, programmers and engineers began developing software for machine translation. The financial part of the project sponsored by various interested universities and the US government. However, in the late ’60s, many gave up because they realized, that the technology of that era were scarce for the creation of such a grand creation.

The accuracy of machine translation.

The computer cannot put words and make up sentences in context, it simply changes the lexical units being controlled facilities and logical grammatical rules.


Google translator.

Of course, not so much to express a negative opinion about machine translation. Online translators and computer programs can translate the text, which in principle would be understandable to most people, but of course, the quality of the translation is poor. If you just need a rough understanding of a particular piece of text, such as letters, machine google translator will be a good solution. But if you need a more accurate translation, or are about to publish the text in their own on blogs, then of course you need to adjust such a letter. Or you can find professional translator on service


Machine translation.

Machine translation is an ideal solution if you want to capture the essence of a text, but machine translation is never compared with competent quality of human translator. A professional translator will look at the context and choose contextual meaning, rather than the first available.

It does not matter how far can go the machine translation, but it is never equal the human factor. There are plenty of special terminology: medical, technical, legal, in which no machine translation system cannot cope with.

Even software developers have different dictionaries and translation tools, aware of the inaccuracy of its products. Even google translator openly stated, that the accuracy of google translate leaves much to be desired. They know, that you can find even “funny google translate”. It means that translations sometimes are not only not accurate, but also funny and ridiculous. So you should be very attentive.

Developers say that such tools will be useful for simple communication, and their goal is to make international communication more affordable, albeit not very accurate.

This article reaffirms the demand for professionals in the field of linguistics. Interpreters will always be in demand, despite the advances in technology. Find professionals here