La Fortuna Costa Rica travel

If you discuss about Costa Rica, many people would visualize a paradisical place where you can find serenity. A place that you can easily watch the waves coming and going, that you can simply hear the sound of different chirp of various birds as well as sound of the rushing waters. In short, Costa Rica is best place to stress out, bustle and hustle of the urban setting that you are currently living in.


Placed 90 kilometers Northwest of San José on the boarder of the Guanacaste province, La Fortuna is a honest visitor Mecca featuring; Lake Arenal, Arenal Volcano, Arenal National Park – Costa Rica is biggest body of water, the Tabacon Hot Springs, the inspiring 230 foot La Fortuna Waterfall as well as amazing amount of organized adventures.

So famous is this in-land destination that we were reunited with 2 separate families we had met just 2 days previously in Tortuguero on the Caribbean Coast.


There are no shortages of selections in the La Fortuna area when it comes to hotels, restaurants and activities. Zip line activities, Canopy tours, waterfall and mountains, ATV tours, horseback riding, hiking, lake boat tours, host springs, jungle trail hiking, and swimming.

When making plans for our tour, the priority was ensuring we have an Arenal Volcano lava view flow from our hotel- so that our nighttime sights would be superb. Hotels surround the Arenal Volcano but at the time of our tour lava was just flowing down the Southwest side of the mountain.


The most logical things to do from La Fortuna is to go openly to the Guanacaste province, to the north, and love the paradise of surfers which is Nicoya Peninsula. Yep, if you want to enjoy scuba diving, have perfect time in large fiestas on the beach or most easily admire unbelievable sunsets on sandy beaches, you found your location. You can reach the peninsula directly by road. It is also easy to reach it by ferry if you pass by Puntarenas town. You can keep some times doing this, especially if you want to visit the Montezuma town.

Do not forget to spend some times on waterfalls when visit to La Fortuna. Beautiful waterfalls with blue water welcome you at this beautiful place.