Korea for traveler

There are many places in Korea which attracts the attention of others and if the travelers have some know how about those places so they will easily get the places of their interest. Let’s talk first about the Capital of South Korea which is Seoul. It is the country borrow lounge.

It is the land of 605.2 km2 and its population is approximately more than 10.01 million. Next is Busan which is the city in South Korea. The beaches of Busan are very famous. Its area is 767.4km2 and its population is more than 3.417 million. Daejeon is the fifth largest country town with the population of about more than 1.552 million. It is the center point of transportation. Now come to the next city in South Korea so it is the Incheon which bordering Seoul and Gyeonggi to the east. Same as Gwangju is the sixth largest city of Korea. After the Seoul, Busan and Incheon the fourth largest city of Korea is the Daegu.


No matter that from which airport your plane landed here are the details of hotel which are near to the relevant airports. Hotel Jasmine is just 2.0 miles away from the Cheongju airport. Queenvell hotel is just 1.3 km away and hotel interburgo Daegu is just 2.2 km away from the Daegu international airport. Hotel Paragon is just 2 miles from the Gimhae international airport. Only 1.4 miles away the hotel star motel is there near gwangju airport.

Now if we look for the places which are suitable and the most beautiful part of Korea is the Ggotji beach which is the best place for drive and for watching the sun sinking into the occean.


A small and well preserved Darangee village is a sight of countless tiny fields.

The beautiful thing to see in Korea especially at night is the Gwang. It is a Bridge which is also known as the diamond bridge. The Treasure Island is also very famous to visit and it is very famous for its clear seawater and also for its soft beach.

Jeju Island is also needs to be visit but the important thing is that it needs to be planned. Those who visit this must make plan before its way is very long and varied. Near the jeju there is an Udo which is just 15 minutes away from this island. Overall Korea is very beautiful but these places which I have mentioned for visit are the best and you will really enjoyed visiting these places. You can get more help from and visit Korea108 website  http://www.korea108.com/ which contain lot of information about Korea visit.