How to get from Paris to Charles De Gaulle Airport?

At first, the Charles De Gaulle Airport was known as the Aéroport de Paris Nord. The airport was opened on 8th March in 1974. It is one of the biggest airports in Europe and France that is considered as very important as well. Besides, the airport serves around 65 million passengers in a year. Now, when you are at the Charles De Gaulle airport and wanting to reach Paris, you will have several transportation options. Among these options, there are three popular options that almost every people use to reach Paris. So, let’s take a quick look at how you would get from Paris to Charles De Gaulle Airport.


  • Metro line: The metro line is a famous transport option in Paris that runs in three different days – Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. The exact time of the journey is 5.30 Am to 1.15 AM. In addition to this, the metro line also operates on Friday and Saturday from 5.30 Am to 2.15 PM. Now, this metro line has 16 distinct lines, which can be identified by the numbers, the end-of-line names, and the colors. Before you travel by the metro line, you need to board on the RER B for transferring from zone five to zone one. Moreover, you need to buy tickets to use the metro line and the tickets can be bought from any metro or tramway station. Keep in mind that you only can buy the tickets while using cash or debit card. While journeying on the metro line, you should choose the line two and six as both these lines will offer you the best possible city view. Additionally, the line six will provide eye-catching views of Eiffel Tower and the Haheim station. On the other hand, the line two will give breathtaking views of the Sacre Coeur. As a result, you will enjoy your journey to the fullest.


  • Taxi service: The second option is to take a taxi to reach the Charles De Gaulle airport from Paris. You will find a lot of taxis at different stoppages or you can just call or book your journey through various airport transfer companies. As a word of advice, I would say when you are trying to book a taxi service, always check the taxi fare carefully and be aware of the mischievous people or drivers.

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  • Bus service: Apart from the above two options, bus services can be considered as a good travel options to reach Charles De Gaulle airport. Usually, the bus service runs from 6 AM to 8.45 PM in every 15 minutes. The estimated time of the journey would be 45 minutes and one hour and you have to pay around 10 Euros for each time you travel by bus service.

Finally, the above three options are one of the best options to reach Charles De Gaulle airport from Paris. So, use them to good effect while journeying and be safe always!