How to get a Vietnam Visa

It is becoming a trend and need for everyone to travel to different countries for various reasons. Mostly people go too far areas for tourism and business, one of the most common used countries for this purpose is Vietnam. Getting visa for Vietnam is the easy procedure that requires only legal documents and valid reason for entering in Vietnam. Here I am going to explain you that how to get Vietnam visa on arrival?

Processing Time for Visa Detail for Vietnam

The process time for Vietnam Visa is not that long. On normal circumstances you just have to wait for five business days to complete all the processing details for visa applications with authorization or rejection. In order to make accelerated processing there will be extra charges and will take approximately one to two business days when the Embassy gets the request.

It is notifying that all the applicants if providing their details through mail or delivery than make sure to keep the tracking numbers used on the envelopes when coming and leaving the Embassy. When the required time past and still you do not know the progress of your application then use the tracking number to check mailing details.


Passport Detail for Vietnam

To get a passport for Vietnam that is the original passport needs at the slightest one month legitimacy preceding the date of going from Vietnam and to make a safety span of 06 month validity to see airlines necessities. In pressing circumstances, a visa can be demanded then a copy of passport including latest photo and individual detail sides may be give in as an alternative of the original passport.

Why is it important to get Vietnam Visa Online?

If you want to have the Vietnam Visa then you have to remember there is very strictness about attaining a visa. People are cynical of Internet ads and count on “visa on arrival” endorsement letter. If you take the normal procedure of getting the visa in person it will take a long time. But it appears that getting a VOA was faster, inexpensive, and stress-free than getting one at home and particularly for those traveling and not being in a stable location.

Vietnam Visa Fee Instructions

To make your case move forward and start the processing you have to pay two kinds of fees. One of the charges is the service fee and stamping fee.

  1. Service fee

Service fee is basically the charges you spend on  hiring professionals for doing all the official procedure for you to give in your fully prepared visa request to the Vietnam Migration Department for treating their visa endorsement letters.

  1. Stamping fee

Stamping fee is the payment you pay straight to Migration Officers in cash using USD or VND which is clearly going to be submitted on front desk of Immigration. This will be completed when you enter at the arrival airport in Vietnam, this will be done when your visa is stamped on your passport. The charges are collected by the Migration Officers and required for all those who use visa on entrance process.