Hotels are dull, try a motorhome as an alternative

It’s a beautiful image isn’t it – driving into the sunset. It’s actually better to start off in the morning to be honest And with a motorhome you can do just that Never again will you have to stress about finding places to stay and reserving hotels. How much freedom do you need? You can have as much as you want. It’s your own personal transport and accommodation, so please yourself. This is a holiday that starts the moment you leave home, not when you get there. There is a very good website you can seek advice from, that will advise you almost everything you need to understand with regards to motorhomes and motorhome rental:

It would be a dream come true to be able to have your own motorhome that you were able to use at a moments notice, wouldn’t it? If a week in the sun was what you fancied, you could just get on a ferry and drive to the South of France. If you fancied a drink in a remote country pub, you could just go and do that, and then stay in the car park overnight (with the owners permission). But in reality you will find that hiring a motorhome is quick and easy and you can be on the road within a few hours of deciding to go. To keep up with the competition, nearly all motorhome hire companies are happy to do rentals just for the weekend.


So how do motorhome hire companies get started? Can they still make a profit after that massive initial investment? These are questions that are reasonable to ask and the answer is that quite a lot of motorhome hire companies don’t actually own their entire fleet. Sometimes the motorhomes have been leased rather tan bought. After the leasehold duration finishes, it’s common for the vehicle to become part of the company’s ex rental motorhome stock. Quite often they are owned by individuals and rented out for them by the hire company. This is because most owners don’t actually use their motorhomes all the time.

Some motorhome owners are tempted to try and rent their motorhomes out themselves using their own insurance. Standard insurance for their motorhome will not cover their clients to hire it, so it will be invalid. Having proper insurance is of course one of the most important points of motorhome hire. After all, you would never hire a car without proper insurance would you?

For those who are thinking about the cold in cold countries or motorhoming at winter time, don’t worry. Nearly every motorhome built in the last 10 years or so has an excellent heating system. Diesel heaters are a slightly more modern innovation and are highly thought of. Diesel heaters have been quickly adopted by manufacturers including Chausson. A thermostat controls the diesel heating in a Chausson which is absolute simplicity

Modern high tech materials are used in the construction of a motorhome, which are strong and have an excellent level of insulation. This is particularly true in the habitation part of the motorhome where a lot has been learned from caravan designers. The high tech double glazed windows are designed to keep intense heat and cold out.

There is no risk at all of a modern motorhome leaking, like they might have done 20 years ago. Heating systems can be used when camped up, making them ideal for ski trips.

So would you like to give motorhoming ago now? I hope you are! I would suggest that you just try renting a motorhome for a weekend and go and look up some friends you haven’t seen for a while. If you are worried about finding somewhere to park up in towns, stay out of town and take your bikes with you, so you can use the motorhome as a base. Don’t worry if it’s still winter, heating is no longer a problem. Do be aware that once you have done one holiday like this, it’s hard to stop. You will find yourself planning your next trip before you get home.