Hooray for Corporate Timeshare Network!

As promised, I am giving my review of the excellent service that was provided by this company AFTER the job was done.  My wife and I are contacted at least once a month by different resale and rental companies for our timeshare. We had one bad experience about 6 years ago and have been gun shy since. Only thing is that we keep losing our points with the resort but still have to pay the maintenance fees.


After speaking with one of their reps, I think his name was David, we began considering to use their service. I really liked his no pressure approach and that he would answer all my questions in an honest way and not just what I wanted to hear. The hefty fee of 1550 was almost double what I had paid before so I made sure to do extensive research.. I found 6 complaints with the BBB and a few message boards that had complaints and just a few good things people were saying about them. David was able to get me a discount on the service with the agreement that I would spread the word once a few of my weeks were rented out. Much to my surprise, I began getting offers by the second month and wound up accepting the first one just to see if I would get my money. In about 6 days I got my check in the mail. I called back to speak with David and he laughed about it because he said I could have asked for more. Apparently I am not that good of a negotiator, but more so I was just trying to see if the service was real. It was. Next offer I got, I negotiated it up to 1800 for one of my weeks and paid my maintenance fees for the next three years!  Way to go Corporate Timeshare Network and Mr David Gray! The one time advertising fee was well spent and now we have something to look forward to every year. If you have timeshare and aren’t using all of it – you can rent your out to as long as they work with your resort property. They are a little picky because they turned away my second timeshare for rental, not sure why but he refused to work with it saying that it would be too difficult to rent out to the clientele they work with which is mostly corporate executives.  They did however agree to help me sell it at a slight lower fee but wouldn’t rent it. I haven’t gotten any sale offers yet, its been about 3 months since Ive listed but David did tell me that this may be the case and even if it does take a little linger than I’d hope for they would continue to advertise and market it for sale for me until it was sold for no additional money. To say I am thrilled is an understatement so as promised, here is my positive feedback about www.corporatetimesharenetwork.com and their outstanding service. I guess there are some good guys out there after all. I was beginning to really feel bad about buying the timeshare to begin with but now it has turned out to be a blessing!


Adam Peterson