Holiday in Thailand

The fast-paced city life sure is stressful, dreary and tiresome, so everyone should try and get away from the contemporary hectic world now and then at least for a little while. If you feel like taking a vacation this summer that will prove refreshing and different from everything you’ve experienced so far, you should visit Thailand and rent a place in paradise for a couple of weeks to seek refuge from modern-day frenzy and stress. A country with rich culture, awe-inspiring religion, delicious cuisine, incredible natural beauty and a range of tourist attractions, Thailand is a perfect home-away-from-home for people from all walks of life eager to grow and expand on their travels.


Thai cuisine – A joy for the gourmet palate

Well-known for their simple-to-make and yet surprisingly complex gustatory combinations, traditional Thai dishes offer unique aromas and novel tastes to gourmets, would-be chefs and lovers of dainty bites. In Thailand, you can choose you fair share of sweet, sour, salty and spicy meals ranging from simple boiled rice and traditional Thai noodles to interesting curries with lots of herbs and rare mouth-watering ingredients like bamboo shoots, coconut milk, Acacia pennata leaves and unopened flower buds of the Broussonetia kurzii shrub. Give Thai cuisine a go during your stay in the country – the delectable delicacies are bound to have you coming back for second helpings.

Thai massage and spa treatments

During you stay in Thailand, make sure you try the traditional Thai massage and spa. Designed to soothe, energize and invigorate, traditional massage techniques in Thailand focus on the human body from a holistic perspective and most common treatments follow a designated set of lines in the body know as Sen. Thai massage treatment also incorporates some elements of acupressure techniques which are guaranteed to leave you thoroughly refreshed and uplifted, and there are also a wide range of salons where you can enjoy a number of relaxing spa sessions and indulge all your senses with a rejuvenating dash of Thailand.


Recreation in Thailand – Sports activities and exploration adventures

If you want your holiday in Thailand to be an active one, there are a number of sports you can engage in at the local sports arenas. In addition to the classic sports like tennis, football and basketball, you can also go snorkeling, diving, fishing, catamaran riding or canoeing off the coast of the South China Sea. Keen explorers and outdoorsy enthusiasts can also join a guided tour to visit the stunning waterfalls, rainforests and local religious temples to perfectly round off their summer adventure in Asia.

Why settle with the ordinary when you can have the premium? That’s what Thailand is all about: unique and exotic, the country provides a rich offer of tourist and recreational programs, delicious culinary experiences and invigorating body treatments that can be found in few other places in the world. Taste the country’s traditional meals and pamper yourself with an indulging Thai massage; take the risks and explore the coral reefs and nearby rainforests; spend your day sunbathing at one of the beautiful sandy beaches on the coastline; join a guided tour to visit some of the country’s landmark tourist sites and experience much, much more during your stay in Thailand this summer.