Hawaii firsthand experience

All my life I’ve dreamed of visiting Hawaii. For me, it was always in association with the carefree life, peace and relaxation. This is in a way what I experienced as one of the most important life’s desires. I bought a vacation package from voda.net, and I can freely say that I am very satisfied. My life’s dream has been fulfilled. But let’s not waste any more time.

It all started by leaving the only airport that is full of poker machines and boarding the plane that carries the logo which cheers you up in the moment- Aloha Airlines. After leaving the plane, I went through the agriculturally customs (which checks whether the travelers are carrying “something” that could jeopardize the flora and fauna of this place). Although it was my first time, I felt Hawaii, – 25C, perfect humidity, there’s a lot of dark healthy greens, you can hear the sound of birds, and the clouds float around the mountains, in one word, heaven on earth.

My friends were waiting for me at the airport, who have upon entering the car hung a necklace of fresh hibiscus indescribable colors (a well known custom) around my neck and took me directly to the beach. Honolulu, the capital of the state of Hawaii is the only urban place possible to see on this group of islands. I was immediately drawn to one of the most popular beaches in the world, the Waikiki Beach, which holds the entire Honolulu in the palm of its hand.


Besides Waikiki, the Kalakaua Boulevard is full of luxury hotels, boutiques and shops as well as tourists, most of who are Japanese who shop there like everything is free. The city is a combination of relaxed Hawaiian natives, smiles of the Americans, and the Japanese organized harmony.

My friend Misha, a Japanese man who has lived in Hawaii for a long time, in the evening took me to the grill on the beach, and my job was to buy a six-pack of Kona. At each step everyone is relaxed and welcome you with specific greetings – putting up the thumb and little finger (Shaka Sign) to anything to do.

The only thing that was not so clear to me is how all the locals are obese while living in the center of the Pacific. While they were roasting swordfish fillets, the crew drank beer, grilled pineapple, and Ahi Poke (best Hawaiian appetizers – marinated fresh chunks of Yellow Fin tuna in soy and sesame sauce with lemon and seaweed) which simply melts in your mouth.

After dinner, instead of a luxury bar in Waikiki, Misha took me to the old center of Honolulu, and we popped down to a tavern where American Vietnam veterans in aloha shirts drink beer from the early morning and argue about Pearl Harbor. With the beer I had to try Spam (well known pork from cans that has been produced in Hawaii since World War II), I must admit it was disgusting but when I saw the slick veterans drowning in these pork jelly cubes to this day, I finished my own can to the end.

I wanted to go to bed early to be able to get up early and see that the famous morning in Hawaii, but failed to do so. At 5 in the morning I went to Strarbucks espresso, thinking that everything is probably empty this time of day, when a surprise awaits me.

Not only was the cafe full of people, who also wanted to see one of the most beautiful dawns, but the ocean was full of surfers who calmly floated like buoys, waiting to ride the waves. In a word, the city was already fully awakened. A light rain begins to fall from early morning, intervals of 5 minutes every 3 hours, just enough to cool down the locals, and feed the flora. Next to the trash can, beautiful hibiscus grows which costs $50in New York florists.

On the second day we had already decided to rent a jeep in the style of Nick Slaughter and embarked on a tour of the island. As we all know that Hawaii is the mecca for all surfers of the world we went to the North Shore. The waves can reach up to 15 meters and when they slammed onto the beach you could feel them under your feet. And even with the house ambulance right there, I did not even step into the water. My dream had just begun.

Do not wait for anything, fulfill your dreams. VodaNet is a great solution, you will not make a mistake, and I know I haven’t.