Fraction and Fraction Calculators Online

Fraction in Mathematics: 

Fraction is one of the ‘basic terms’ in mathematics, Fraction can simply be defined as:

The part of whole number


Or it can be defined as,

“Representation of a whole number in a different way”


  • 5 can be written as 2 ½
  • 10 can be Written as 20/2
  • 4+4 can be written as 8/2+8/2


  • 5 = 2 + 0.5
  • 20/2= 10
  • 8/2+8/2 and 4+4 are also equal.


Fractions in Daily Life:

To understand the use of fraction in our daily life’s, let’s take an example of a Pizza. Let’s consider we have a full Pizza.

If we divide Pizza in 4 pieces and donates one then, we can say that,

¼  One Fourth Pizza Has been donated.

Addition of Fractions:

If we add fractional values then it is called the addition of fractions.

For Example:

1) ½ + ½ = 2

2) 3/5 +4/5= 7/5

Subtraction of Fractions:

If we subtract Fractional values then it is called subtraction of fraction.

For Example:

1) ½ – ½ = 0

2) 3/7 – 5/7= -2/7


Multiplication of Fractions:

If we multiply Fractional Values then it is called Multiplication of Fractions.

For Example:

1) ½ x ½ = ¼

2) 3/5 x 4/5= 4/5


Division of Fractions:
When we divide fractional Values then it is called the division of Fractions:


For Example:

1) ½ / ½ = 1/1

2) 3/5 / 5/10= 6/5


Ways of Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Fractional Values.

There are 3 Ways to add, Subtract, multiply and Divide Fractions:


  • Manually by calculating on paper
  • Using Scientific Calculator
  • using Online Fractional Calculator
  1. Manually by calculating on Paper:

    You can manually add subtract, multiply or divide the fractional vales by making calculations on the paper but before that you need to learn the rules for manually performing Fractional Conversations.

  2. By Scientific Calculator:

    You can add, Subtract, multiply or divide Fractional values by using Scientific calculator. You need to enter the values in the Calculator, and the calculator will provide you the right Answer.

  1. By Online fractional Calculator:

    You can add, subtract, multiply and divide fractional values by using online fractional Calculator, like the one at Online Fractional calculators are easily available on the Internet. You can find one by searching on the Internet. Online Fractional calculators are specially designed to perform fractional Calculations. They are Good Choice if you don’t have Physical Calculator.