Fishing Methods

You Want to Catch Fishes?

Gary’s Tackle Box Many people love fishing but only few of them are familiar with the Fishing Methods Fishing depends on the place of fishing, time of fishing and the most important factor is the method of fishing. The best course of action is to decide where it is you want to go fishing, then go down to the local tackle or sports shop and choice the best rod for the job. Initial outlay on equipment does not necessarily have to be expensive, most beginners start out with the basic rod and then decide to experiment with different materials and ‘actions’ as they become more advanced.



Gary’s Tackle Box is a great place to pick up lures and baits and which one to choose will depend entirely on what kind of fish you hope to catch. From a technical point of view however, a lure is an artificial kind of bait. Some people might be put off by the idea of attaching a live maggot to a razor sharp fishing hook and so lures are great and they are no different in terms of how often a fish will bite.

Fishing is a broad term used to explain various kinds of fishing techniques, There are many ways to catch Fishes but the Basic Fishing methods are Hand Fishing,Spearfishing, Net Fishing and Line Fishing.


Types of Fishing Methods

Magyar_Hand_Fishing_by_ArsekHand Fishing:

Hand fishing is the term used for the technique of catching fish with your hands . It is actually the most ancient kind of fishing, that was originally reported to be practiced thousands of years ago . Hand fishing points to numerous fishing methods that involve using your hands , such as digging for clams , or even just scouring the beach for shellfish . This kind of fishing is not as popular as other styles of fishing.

Spear Fishing:

Spearfishing is a very old technique of fishing which has been used everywhere around the world. Earlier civilizations were aware of the custom of spearing fish from rivers and channels with the help of sharpened sticks. Nowadays modern spearfishing uses elastic powered spear guns and slings , or compressed gas pneumatic powered spear guns  to hit the hunted fish. Specialized strategies and equipment have been designed for different kinds of aquatic environments and target fish .

Net Fishing:

Any type of fishing that incorporates the use of a net is called netting. Commercially, netting is the most popular method for catching fish, but among recreational fisherman, netting isn’t as popular as other methods.


Line Fishing:images

Line Fishing is the most popular type of Fishing. A fishing line is any cord made for fishing . Essential parameters of a fishing line are its length, weight and material . Factors which can determine what line an angler chooses for a given fishing environment include breaking strength , knot strength , UV resistance , castability , limpness , stretch , abrasion resistance , and visibility .



There are many types ofline fishing that are practiced by fisherman such as those at Gary’s Tackle Box, from fly fishing to drop fishing. When angling, fishermen often catch fish to eat them, but many also practice catch and release fishing.