Finding Your Favorite Vacation in Southern Europe

What Kind of Traveler Are You?

Ever exploring, your interests might be outdoorsy: mountaineering, trekking/hiking, water sports, or rock climbing; or they might just be looking for long night or exciting festivals.


If you travel the world looking to relax, might you enjoy quiet villages, soft-sand beaches, and inclusive resorts.

Whether it is high fashion or handmade crafts, you are´nt coming back with souvenirs.

You enjoy historic and ancient cities, with an eye for fine architecture and famous landmarks.

With a family in tow, you are looking for a location that offers everything.

Pamplona – adventurous souls will enjoy Pamplona´s fiesta week, with the famous “Running of the Bulls” surrounded by the biggest party you´ve ever imagined.

Madrid – the whole family will enjoy the capital city of Madrid. There are guided tours around its beautiful architecture, as well as culinary delights, theme parks, museums, and an aquarium.

Barcelona – has something for everyone, especially those interested in high fashion, clothing, and antiques.

Mont Blanc – Europe´s highest peak, offers climbing, glacier, exploration, and even paragliding.

French Riviera – The resorts and beaches of nice and the French Riviera are an ideal for those who want a relaxing getaway.

Marseille – has a little bit for everyone, including museums, carnivals, music, shows, water sports, and horseback riding.

Bordeaux – shoppers along the Rue Sainte – Catherine in Bordeaux will find a wealth of chocolates, wine, art, and antiques.

The Dolomites – are perfect for Backpackers, who can hike between mountain villages with views of glaciers and lakes. hang gliding and snowboarding are popular with other adventures.

Pompeli- climb to the top of one of the world´s most famous volcanoes and visit the ancient city of Pompeii, which was destroyed when the

volcano erupted nearly 2000 years ago.

Venice – this city is built on 118 islands and is famous for its relaxing gondola rides through the city´s waterways. There are also many quiet cafes in which to lounge the day away.

Rome – as perhaps the most historic city in the world, Rome features the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and many Roman ruins. Within Rome also exists the smallest country in the world: Vatican City.

Meteora – located in central Greece,, offers pleasant hiking along the most dramatic landscape you´ve ever seen; with stone monoliths topped with monasteries. Nearby Mt. Olympus offers more challenging terrain for experienced hikers.

Messenia – for a beach vocation, Greece´s Messenia will do just fine; offering a range of quiet beaches and resorts, all surrounded by beautiful dunes and nature walks.

Athens – the capital of Athens displays Greece´s rich history with many ancient landmarks, including the Parthenon, Roman Agora, and, most notably, the spectacular Acropolis.

Rhodes – the large island of Rhodes offers traditional arts and crafts, jewelry, weavings and rugs, in its famous street markets.

The Peloponnese peninsula – is a diverse area for families, with activities including biking, rafting, and other watersports. There are also many cafes and restaurants for parents, and historical surroundings to be enjoyed.