Fiji Resort Transfers

Fiji situated in the South Pacific, is a haven of almost above 300 islands. The main reason of its well-known repute is its rocky scenery of blue waters and palm-lined beaches, the unique and amazing eco-activities from mountain climbing and breaking waves to soft-coral diving and zip-lining.

Execution to the Islands:

Even though a small number of run their personal transfer boats, the Mamanuca and Yasawa resorts organize third-party relocation for their visitors.

By Plane & Helicopter

The rapidest, informal, and most luxurious approach to the islands is by means of seaplane or helicopter.

Things to do in Fiji

In case you visit to Fiji in the season of spring, summer, fall or winter, you can discover native things to do and prevalent tourism points in Fiji, then reserve a flight, hire charge car and lodging house all with comfort.



A large assembly-hall

A big assembly-hut, which open from all sides and the supports that grasp the top are adorned in a best technique through leave.


Sikh Temple

Sikhs temples detect all over the place the honorable ritual to deal hospitality to the holy visitors and needy travelers.

Treasure Island

1. Treasure Island

2. Sea View at Tropical Bounty Island

3. Tropical Watersports Fiji



In Ndravuni Island there is no electricity, no cars, not even carriages, and every person has to way of walking there.

Suva is the capital of the Fiji Islands

Fiji islands capital name is Suva such place in the Fiji Islands where we stopped in a seaport,

The Carnegie Library & other sights

The Carnegie Library is really an amazing building.


The Fiji-museum

In Fiji-museum in Suva you can observe excessive displays of the customary sailing boats of Fiji, beside about the natural world and the homegrown times gone by on these islands.

The famous clock-tower

The famous clock tower of Suva is exactly facing the Fiji-museum and Botanical Garden too.

The Government House

This large building right in the centre of Suva is the Government House of Suva and all of the Fiji Islands



We did a number of fun and amusing snorkeling, swimming, singing and also the sight of most attractive sunsets.


Port Denarau is the port of Nadi

Port Denarau is predominantly an enormous port of yachts however it comprises additionally a square, where dancing presentations will be detained for the cruise travelers and all over the place that square you will catch heaps of shops and coffee shop.


Learn How to Weave Baskets, etc

On Denarau Island, a free lesson is delivered on weaving by means of palm leaves to create baskets and even hat too.


The cathedral of the Sacred Heart

The cathedral of the Sacred Heart‘s building is really very great and it open whole the day for tourists and prayers, and captivating photographs

For the best travel for Fiji Island Turtle Airways is one of the best of them. Turtle Airways is located on Waikoloa Beach. They can present a taxi to carry you beginning with coming back into Nadir from your island holiday spot.