Explore the Capital of Egypt;Cairo


The Capital of Egypt; Cairo, is the ancient City of Egypt. It is not only the Capital of Egypt but also the largest City in the Middle East. Cairo is an eye-catching, appealing, unique, attractive and pleasing City. The City is Home of the many Islamic Sights. The City is contains many astonishing Historical Sites. You can; enjoy the wonderful view of River Nile, visit the capital’s medieval marketplaces, shop in the modern Malls or tour the Pyramids. The Cairo has always been place of Attraction for tourists due to Pyramids. Millions of Tourists came here to see marvelous Pyramids.


History of Cairo

The  City was established by Romans in the 4th century. It was the First Large scale Human settlement in the Middle East.  In the 7th century the Muslims moved the capital of Egypt  from Alexandria to a new city Fustat ( Ancient name of Cairo ). After becoming the Capital of Egypt in 7th Century the Cairo started to develop Quickly and up till the 10th Century a well Organized and Modern City had been Developed and It was named Al-Qairah.


Geography of Cairo

Cairo is Situated in the north of Egypt, The north of Egypt is known as Lower Egypt, The city is approximately 100 Miles south of the Mediterranean Sea and 75 Miles west of the Suez Gulf and Suez Canal. The river Nile flows throughout in the southern side of the city. Northern and extreme eastern areas of Cairo, includes satellite towns. These Towns are among the most recent additions to the city, as they developed in the late-20th and early-21st centuries to accommodate the city’s Population. The western bank of the River Nile is commonly included within the urban area of Cairo.


Historical sites in Cairo:

There are more than 20 historical Sites in Cairo because it has been the Capital of Egypt since the 7th Century. Moreover It is the Place where many Civilizations have lived. The best ones are Pyrimids, Dahshur and Muhammad Ali Mosque.


Population of Cairo

The City population of Cairo is about more than 10 Million while the Urban Population is near about 20 Million.
Census Data of 2011:

• City Population:             10,230,350
• Density Person/Km2:  19,376/km2 (50,180/sq mi)
• Urban Population:        18,290,000
• Metro Population:         20,439,541

Culture of Cairo

Over the 4000 Years many Civilization have lived in Egypt. The Pharaohs together with the Greeks, Babylonians and the Romans have left their imprints in Egypt. Muslims from the Arabian Peninsula, led by Amr ibn al-A’as, introduced Islam into Egypt. Mohammad Ali, with his Albanian family roots, put Egypt on the road to modernity. The cultural mixture in this city is only natural, considering its heritage.

Climate of Cairo

The Weather remains Moderate and low in Humidity almost throughout the Year. The Temperature in Cairo ranges from 40 to 5 Centigrade. The Weather remains Hot in June, July, August and September and Mild in September, October, May. The Cool Breeze which blow from the River Nile gives relief from the summer heat. Where as the Weather remains Cool in November, December, January, March and April.

If you are planing to visit Cairo then November to March is the best Time period for tourism in Cairo.