How To Encourage Your Teenage Son From Joining Your Family Vacation

As a parent, encouraging your teenage son to go on a holiday with the entire family isn’t a walk in the park, by any means. For most teenyboppers, the idea of spending a round-the-clock vacation with his annoying siblings and lame parents is extremely excruciating in itself. Not to mention, they think family vacation and trips are downright boring, and are only tailored for kids and middle-aged people.

But thankfully, there are a lot of ways and techniques on how to encourage your teenage boy from joining your family getaway or trip. Here are some quick tips to help you persuade your youngster from joining your family vacation.

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Vacation to go is the way to go

Opt for a vacation to go package, as this option allows you to handpick the things you want to do and sites to visit for your trip. That way, you can easily instill teen-friendly activities to your family travel plans. Also, do keep in mind that standard travel packages from tour operators are usually geared towards activities for children and adults.

Ask where he wants to go

Ask your teenage son for any suggestions on where to celebrate your family vacation. It’s not a sure-fire solution, but taking his desires into consideration may change his attitude towards the trip. As you plan a vacation to go trip, you don’t have to subscribe to what he exactly wants for your trip. But, you have to find a destination that matches his preferences and desires.

For instance, if your teen prefers to stay in a sunny beach resort in Hawaii, announcing a ski getaway to the French Alps would curb his enthusiasm for your trip.   A better solution would be to find a respite that is quite similar to the pristine beaches of Hawaii.

Encourage him to research on the things he wants to do

As soon as you have agreed upon a holiday destination, encourage him to do some online research pertaining to the restaurants and activities in the destination that could appeal to him.  Afterwards, don’t forget to include your son’s inputs, as you plan your vacation to go package on the selected holiday destination. With his participation in your travel plans, you are increasing the likelihood of him joining your trip.

After all, teenagers just want to leave their fingerprints on everything they do. Whether you are planning a family weekend picnic or a long vacation, these youngsters want their voices to be heard in all your plans. More importantly, getting his ideas and suggestions will make sure that there are heaps of teen-friendly things to do during your trip, which may turn your son’s reluctance into enthusiasm for your impending vacation.


Bring a friend

If possible, allow another teenager or a friend of your son to come along your trip. As a parent, having another teenager coming would encourage him from joining the expedition, especially if he is the only child, or your other children are much younger than him.  Give your son the authority to choose a friend he wants to bring along, and ask permission from his or her parents in advance, so that you can address any concerns that they may have.