Do’s And Don’ts When Visiting Maldives Islands

A land of pristine beaches, luxurious resorts, aquatic resources, lagoons, Islands and snow-white sands – that is how the locals describe Maldives. No wonder why numerous foreign visitors and honeymooners are captivated by the place.

Maldives has its own way of attracting guests and visitors. Atolls, for instance, boast of clear and clear waters ideal for a range of water sports activities. It has wide sections of shorelines blanketed with fine white sand. In addition, it has unspoiled reef areas that serve as the sanctuary of thousands of sea creatures and endangered aquatic species.


To make the most out of your vacation and stay safe as well as preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the place, visitors and tourists must be aware of the following DO’s and DON’Ts;



  • Bring a good camera to capture photos of the beautiful beaches, trees and aquatic resources.
  • Enjoy the fine sand, tropical climate and crystal clear water.
  • Take a diving course to witness its amazing marine life and sea creatures.
  • Stay in the nicest and comfortable resorts.
  • Respect the Muslim’s tradition, culture and modesty especially during Ramadan.
  • Wear t-shirt when snorkelling to minimize sunburnt.
  • Explore the country’s historical prides.
  • Be fit and healthy with their well-equipped gyms.
  • Relax and unwind by going into the Spa.
  • Try the artificial swimming pools and lagoons.
  • Island hopping and local fishing to see the life of the local Maldivian people.
  • Watch the amazing sunset.



  • It’s a Muslim country so alcohols are strictly prohibited. So don’t even think about taking any alcohols, otherwise be ready for the penalties.
  • Visit the local islands in too sexy or indecent outfit. Be sensitive with their culture and dress conservatively.
  • Wear shoes near the reefs as you can wound and shatter them.
  • Import pornographic materials.
  • Export the coral, shells and the natural objects around the place.
  • Go snorkelling alone since the current changes from time to time.
  • Swim next to the trigger fish, this sea creature is aggressive and could attack any time.
  • Forget to bring sun glasses and sun screen. The sun is too bright and strong.
  • Dispose your waste materials such as plastic bottles, shopping bags and so on. You can help preserve its beauty by taking home your own rubbish.
  • Take the speedboat if you suffer from seasickness.
  • Go on the worst time of the year such as June and July as it usually the monsoons and stormy periods.



Indeed, Maldives Island has always had a lush appeal to the curious and passionate travellers. With its unspoiled charm, the country continues to satisfy many tourists and guests. May the people seek to learn and understand the importance of its natural resources by knowing their responsibilities and obligations to avoid making stupid tourist mistakes. Although the country is small, there are plenty of things to see and should take good care of. Be the locals or first-timers, they have no excuse on these Maldives DO’s and DON’Ts.