Different places to visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka tour can be a great experience to anybody who wants to discover the beauty of this island. Travelers who have been to this breathtaking place have witnessed the beauty which the nation was gifted with.

Kandy is a town right in the heart of Sri Lanka which is popular tourist destination. It is the cultural city of Sri Lanka. Situated surrounding the hills, this town of Sri Lanka has some unique aroma to attract the tourists. Popular for prevailing Buddhist culture, Kandy Sri Lanka is one of the main attractions of this country. Striking hills and lakes reveal distinctiveness to it. Whole town is full of old shops, unique architectural excellence, hotels and markets represent the downtown Kandy.


Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura are two towns which, along with Kandy, complete the supposed cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. These places are not to be missed if you are a history enthusiast, and are interested in the olden heritage of Sri Lanka. Both of these places are world heritage UNESCO sites and were once thriving capitals of olden kingdoms of Sri Lanka. The first ancient capital of Sri Lanka was Anuradhapura, and the ruins which can be observed here today impart the saga of a stable and rich kingdom that flourished from 4th century BC till the 11th century AD.

Both places have a lot of temples, ponds and water tanks, statues of Kings, stupas, and Lord Buddha and damages of palaces spread around and are absolutely worth visiting to get a picture of the rich archeological and historical importance of these two places. the Sri Maha Bodhi tree is a must visit place in Anuradhapura that is said to have developed from a seedling brought from the holy Bodhi tree in Gaya, India in 3rd century BC under which Lord Buddha got enlightenment. The Parakrama Samudra is a spot worth visiting In Polonnaruwa. It is in fact a lake that was constructed in the 4th century AD to keep the city self sufficient however appears as huge as an ocean, therefore the name ‘Samudra.’

Another must visit place in Sri Lanka is a 2,243m high mountain situated near the southern end of the Central highlands known as Adam’s peak. What is the most astonishing thing regarding this mountain is that it explains us the unity of religions. It is respected by persons of all religions alike. Sri Lanka is home to numerous wildlife sanctuaries and natural reserves and rich in flora and fauna.