Current Lyft Passenger Promotions

In the transportation industry, Lyft is among the fastest growing ride sharing services. The growth can be regarded to be caused by the solid promotions and the aggressive recruitment that the company has been doing over the past few years. The riders, at signups can expect to be flooded with free ride credit. The benefits are usually two sided.

The current lyft promotions are classified and put together into two different categories, which are the Lyft promotions for new and existing drivers and the Lyft promotions for new and existing passengers. Passengers are paid in the form of Lyft ride credit while drivers on the other hand are paid in cold hard cash. Here we will discuss the passenger’s side of the Lyft and how they get affected by the Lyft promotions and what do Free Lyft promotions provide them when they meet the required criteria.


Current Lyft Passenger Promotions

The passenger side of the Free Lyft promotions receives plenty of sweet bonuses for existing and new drivers. This does not end there; the existing and new passengers alike earn the plenty of referral credit through only a few promotions running by Lyft.


1. $20 Free ride for the New Users

The current Lyft promotions 2015 come with great opportunities and facilities for the passengers.

On every Sign up for Lyft, a new user gets a free ride credit of $20. The free ride credit is the incentive which company gives out to the customers, in the sense and effort of growing the customer market and expanding its base. The Incentives are there to capture the customer’s attention.

Lyft does this with the hope of attaching with the new riders and converting them into the devoted and loyal users. Getting the love and attention of the loyal customers, and converting the new ones into the devoted ones is the universal goal which Organization of any nature shares and keeps on performing the strategically attempts and execute them well.


2-Free ride credits upon referring a customer

Referring and inviting new passengers to try the app will give you the free ride credit. Just like the driver bonuses, current Lyft promotions 2015, of the passenger’s side are dual-sided. Both the referral and the referee are awarded with the free credit hours in case of trying the new app. Just make someone get his hands on the app, and get the free ride credit. It does well to both the parties involved.


3-A double sided cash reward upon referring a new driver

You read it right! In this case as well, both the referring passenger and the referred one (the driver) will earn the benefits, the cash benefits. The Lyft credit amount, new driver bonus Amount, and the 30 days ride requirements are different depending upon the city of the new driver. The free Lyft 2015 promotions are going so well and with the dream of doing well to the customers as well as to them.