Cruise travel tips

What are you likely to need to make your cruise the voyage of a lifetime? It may be impossible to actually guarantee the outcome, but some of the following tips and suggestions may help you to avoid some of the pitfalls that might ruin that picture of you sailing off happily into the sunset.



  • cruise insurance may not actually prevent mishaps and accidents, but it might certainly take an expensive sting out of the tail;
  • adequate medical insurance, for example, is at the heart of most travel insurance policies for the simple reason that an accident or illness whilst at sea or in some foreign port may prove very expensive – especially if medical evacuation from the ship’s often cramped on-board sick bay is concerned;
  • naturally, you need to declare any pre-existing medical condition to your insurer – but those specialists in cruise insurance such as BengoTravel have made completion of the relevant disclosures particularly simple and straight forward;
  • indeed you might want to consider the certainties and price competitiveness of such independent insurance providers rather than take up the offer of insurance invariably proposed by your shipping line or travel agent;


  • however comprehensively insured you may be, that is no reason to let down your guard with respect to any valuable you may have in your baggage;
  • as the website USA Today points out, one of the advantages of taking a cruise rather than a land-based touring holiday is that you need unpack only once – but the temptation then may be to let slip some of your care for your possessions;
  • the same article has a useful check-list of things you might want to pack for your voyage;

Choose your friends

  • a further attraction of a cruise holiday is the friendly ambiance you are likely to encounter;
  • parties are likely to abound, you are practically assured to eat well and the alcohol may well be flowing – but all the more reason to take care and exercise the common sense rules about security you might follow elsewhere;
  • life on board, for example, might prove just the environment to strike up friendships with members of the ship’s crew;
  • whilst easy relations with the captain and his immediate staff may be perfectly acceptable, over-friendliness with other crew members may only spell trouble;
  • as a Cruise Travel item on NBC News points out, any invitation to visit crew members in their own quarters may be a simple ruse to ensure that your cabin is vacant – and ripe for the picking;

Choose your food

  • similar care might be taken when choosing your food and the dishes you eat;
  • remember that if particular types of food leave you feeling ill when you are on the safety of dry land at home, they are just as certain to cause the same problems – if not worse – when you are at sea;
  • most cruise lines pride themselves on the variety and standard of food served in the ship’s restaurants – you might want to make the most of that opportunity and choose the dishes that you enjoy, cooked in the manner that you order.

By following a few common sense tips you might find it considerably easier to turn your cruise into the voyage of a lifetime.