Bookish Vacation

Welcome to Monroeville, AL , a quiet Southern town in the United States that boasts a brilliant literary heritage.  Want to escape the norm and enjoy the feeling of days gone by?  Leave the cities and nightlife be and join those who are beckoned by sun-warmed porch swings on wrap-around lanais, mimosas in the front yard, and home cooking like you wouldn’t believe.  You see, Monroeville, AL is the town that built authors like Pulitzer prize-winning Harper Lee and the world-renowned Truman Capote, who was at one time Harper Lee’s neighbor.  The town is the foundation of Maycomb County that we all came to know in Lee’s unparalleled classic, To Kill a Mockingbird.  Surely even capote looked back on this place when he authored In Cold Blood and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Another author for whom Monroeville, AL is known is modern writer Mark Childress, well noted for Crazy in Alabama.

Northen Mockingbird

Those who enjoy the pilgrimage to the literary capital of Alabama will enjoy a Courthouse museum that produces heralded versions “To Kill a Mockingbird,” every May in a courthouse crafted to mirror the 1962 Blockbuster that was the big screen version of Mockingbird—reserve your tickets early because they go amazingly fast.  Visitors can also enjoy shopping on the quaint town square and choose from a number of walking tours that begin on the same sidewalks where Harper Lee played as a child.


Monroeville is also known for hosting the Alabama Writer’s Symposium,  a workshop that is touted as an exploration of the love of literature from the vantage points of creation and education, and  which is held annually at Alabama Southern Community College, also located in Monroeville.  It’s something of a Mecca for Southern writers, and may be the perfect place for you if you’re holding onto a brilliant manuscript in the making or a soon-to-be-recognized-as-superior screenplay.  You’ll revisit all the basics of stellar writing that Capote and Lee upheld so beautifully and you may just learn some cutting edge techniques for getting the creative juices to flow as well.  Leaving with the next vanguard novel is suitcase is ever the possibility.

Choose a vacation that is worthy of your love for great books and welcoming communities when you choose Monroeville, AL—it’s a beautiful place to stretch out for a nap on the covered patio of a great bed and breakfast or curl up on a porch swing with a great book in hand.