BetterTaxi – taxi anywhere in Germany

BetterTaxi is the only online service where you can order your taxi anywhere in Germany. It works at any airport in Germany. It includes the large airports such as Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt, but also the small ones, such as Hannover, Dresden or Paderborn. Also you can order a pickup in remote rural areas. BetterTaxi covers all of the 2060 cities in Germany. You can also order a van for larger groups. And you can pay for everything online.


I.     Competitors

In Germany there is several taxi online booking tools for business travel. Here is a comparison of BetterTaxi with its largest competitors.

  1. Uber

Uber is one of the best ground transportation services worldwide. In Germany it  is only available in the larger cities, such as Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt. Also you cannot pre-order- at BetterTaxi you can. And you cannot order fixprice rides- at BetterTaxi you can order fixed price rides with no hidden cost. And last, with BetterTaxi you can order anywhere in Germany.

  1. mytaxi

mytaxi is a very good taxi app, mostly for some German cities. It has a better coverage in Germany than Uber. In cities like Nuremberg however, which has 500k+ inhabitants it often only has one car available. BetterTaxi has access to more than 50 thousand cars in Germany and approximately more than 600 in Nuremberg. Also with mytaxi you cannot order fixprice rides- with BetterTaxi you can. And mytaxi often does not offer pickups at airports.

  1. Blacklane

Blacklane is focussed on larger cities and on airports especially. It also offers fix price and offers a very good service. However the prices often reflect the luxury offering and it is only available in a few cities in Germany.

II.       Advantages of BetterTaxi


So, why would you want to order with BetterTaxi:

       a.  Fixprice

You get fixprice offers

       b.  Prices

The prices of the fixprice offers are similar to taxi prices, often lower.

        c.  Pay online and with credit card

In Germany paying with a credit card in a taxi is very often not accepted. You would need cash. At BetterTaxi you can pay online.

        d.  Billing

You will get a transparent bill with VAT shortly after your ride.

       e.  Availability

Availability everywhere in Germany.

       f.  Service

For every online order, you get a booking information. For every ride you get the contact to the driver. You can book spontaneously or make a pre-booking. At airports BetterTaxi offers meet and greet.

III.    Ordering with BetterTaxi

How can you order at BetterTaxi? You can order either on the desktop version at or you can go to the iTunes store and download the BetterTaxi app. You just need to submit the following information (start, end address, date, time) and your payment credentials and you can get started.

IV.     Sustainability and story behind BetterTaxi

The whole idea behind BetterTaxi was to provide a global and sustainable means of transportation. The BetterTaxi home market is Germany. This is where BetterTaxi started. Every ride of BetterTaxi is CO2 compensated. That means that the emissions are offset with a partner of BetterTaxi called Arktik GmbH from Hamburg. Also, BetterTaxi tried taxi-sharing, but the experience was that it does not work.

V.      Cancelations

If you want to cancel, you can cancel your PHV ride for free, up to 24 hours before start. If you ordered a normal public taxi with BetterTaxi, you can cancel it anytime before the ride, up to 30 minutes before the ride- for free.

VI.    Customer Review

If you want to have an impression of the service, you can also watch this 21 second video of a customer at YouTube: