Best Reasons Why Yacht Chartering in Singapore is So Popular

Singapore is known to be on the list of busiest container ports in Asia. That’s exactly why numerous marinas offer yacht charter services in this country. The Singapore Straits’ busyness is not a hindrance to savor the water as well as city views of the Lion City. In case you are having doubts whether you should try yacht charter in Singapore or not, here are several of the reasons that will help you decide:

1. You can request for a custom travel itinerary

With yacht charter in Singapore, you can be confident that everything will work in accordance with your travel specifications! The itinerary for the whole trip depends on your needs. It will also depend on the intention of the tour. Is it for a family get together or a corporate event? You only need to inform the yacht’s crew before you start the tour so they know how to best cater to your needs. They will also help you decide on the type of yachts that will make you maximize your tour. Several yachts have great features and amenities that will make your tour easy and fun-filled. You can charter a yacht in Singapore which already includes a barbecue grill, water toys including kayaks and jet skis, and often a Jacuzzi. Whether you require a modern designed sailing yacht or a high quality mega yacht, you’ll find something that will meet or exceed your expectations.


2. You have the very best seat to savor the sceneries in Singapore

If there’s one thing that you need to not miss during the yacht charter, it’s the impressive views around Singapore and its neighboring islands. Although you are encouraged to have occasions on-board, it would still be wonderful if you will give your guests to be able to marvel at the lovely water and city views in the country. A tour would not be complete without seeing the towering Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer in Sentosa. Best of all, you can enjoy these sceneries without worrying about the crowd or the noise in the city.

3. You can depend upon the staff to be of great assistance with your tour demands

Having the best Captain and crew on-board will give you confidence that your adventure would go risk-free and as planned. Their experience and knowledge in cruising will give you satisfaction that your security will always be prioritized from the beginning of the tour to its finish. The crew members are extremely trained to make certain that every need is met for your satisfaction.


4.  You can host activities or parties

Some yachts are made so you can have occasions, such as birthday celebrations, luncheons, or event racing programs. With the help of the staff, you can be sure that your event will likely be successful.

If these types of reasons have convinced you to try a yacht charter activity in Singapore, you may speak to Marina at Keppel Bay for an amazing fleet of yachts. With their broad collection of elegant watercrafts, you will discover the yacht that will suit your travel needs.