Best Android Apps for Travel

There are a whole bunch of amazing apps available in Google Play Store for those of us who travel, only occasionally or be it regularly.

Whatever the trip, whatever the objectives, with an Android-Smartphone in your pocket you have got the potential to have a strong travel arsenal at your disposal to support you in any situation.

It is impossible to mention them all, or even only all of the perfect ones, there are so many.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is one of those applications with very focused objective, but that delivers that objective very well. It only provides you the chance to book a hotel to check on the same day- hence the title- it does not have 100s of hotels to select fro, rather offering up a selection with deals on luxurious rooms. If you are traveling for a short time, Hotel Tonight can support take some of the grind out of finding some accommodation.

It also comes with a truly perfect done Android app that is well designed, easy to use and permits you to integrate your Google Wallet account if you are in the United States.


Download: Hotel Tonight (Free)

If you are looking to book hotel a small further in advance than the day of travel you can do a lot worse than on site and its Android Application. The service itself is extremely competitive with frequent deal across a range of hotels to take benefit of and the Android application is absolutely superb.

It moves in Google Maps to overlay hotels and their respective prices so you can get an amazing feel for where you are searching. It also has the list view and whole host of filters you can apply to support whittle down the search listing to find actually what you are looking for.


Download: (Free)

Lounge Buddy

Airports are generally hot, noisy, very busy and full of people rushing around center and left right. Or at least how it goes at Manchester Airports! We have not all privileged – and wealthy enough – to be permitted access to our airlines business and primary class lounges, but there are other choices at the terminal. And with Loungebuddy on your Android gadget you can find the top of them.


It is well designed, simple to use, full of helpful detail, and just might support you escape the melee.

Download: Loungebuddy (Free)

Protect Your Smartphone Before Downloads

Android Antivirus apps have exploded over the end year. Despite Android mostly safe internal security, there are millions of people who just like having additional security around for those just-in-case scenarios. It also does not manage that many phones come packaged with antivirus Android applications and that many of those applications other characteristics aside from antivirus security such as phone security and phone finding benefits.