Apply To Remain In The UK With Family

  1. General idea

You must a ‘UK settlement visa’ in case you need to stop over with a family member or spouse. Who’s living in the UK forever and you’re.

Already in the UK

  • From external the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland

You can apply if you’re eligible and you need to:



Your family follower or spouse can:

  • Be present as a British legal resident
  • Must developed in the UK
  • Come about your partner who has refuge or charitable defense in the UK

You may possibly moreover be capable to put on to stay with your adolescent as long as they’ve existed in the UK for almost 7 years.


You may possibly require submitting in a dissimilar mode on condition that:

  • you’re outer side of the UK
  • your spouse’s as of the EEA or Switzerland
  • your spouse formerly had a impermanent visa for instance as an employee
  • You’re the target of national violence or your spouse has passed away.
  • You requested for a Settlement visa for UK formerly 9 July 2012.
  • you need to join up with a other half who has refuge in the UK

Family Relaxing At Home Together

How time-consuming it will proceeds

An assessment will be completed:

  • In the duration of 8 weeks for mailing requests
  • Generally on the similar day even though you use the exceptional facility
  • You’ll be communicated as long as your request is multifaceted and will proceeds a longer time period.
  • On condition that you’s re supportive official papers want to be confirmed.
  • In the event that you require to be present a meeting
  • For the reason that of your individual state of affairs, just like on the assumption that you have an illegal persuasion.

You can stopover for 2 and half years. You’ll be capable to put on to prolong an additional time in the direction of the end of that.


  • You can moreover request to resolve endearingly in the UK as soon as you’re qualified.

What you can and can’t do

  • You can practice your UK settlement visa form.

Work, it is not possible for you to do work in case you’re prolonging a visa to come to be married or to turn into civil spouses.