5 Photography Accessories to Bring for a Safari Trip

Going on safari is an adventure you will never want to forget, so it is important to pack the right accessories for your photography gear.
These are literally once-in-a-lifetime moments, and packing smart will help you capture all of them.

Keep It Clean For The Sharpest Shots

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are most essential. Cleaning tools to keep your equipment in tiptop shape in all conditions is an absolute must. A bulb blower can help with getting dust out of crevices, and something soft to clean your lenses should always be on hand.



Plan Ahead For Perfect Timing

No feeling is worse for a photographer than when the battery dies right in the middle of the best action. Keep extra batteries on hand while on safari to ensure you don’t miss a frame.

Stay In Control

Perhaps the single most important accessory to bring is some form of camera leash or belt system. These products, like those in the Bgrip line, help you keep your camera at the ready no matter what your hands are doing with the confidence that your gear is secure. Forget fumbling with cumbersome clips and tangled straps; belt holster styles are perfect while on the move.

Light Up The Night

Your safari guide may offer evening excursions. If so, count yourself lucky, because most of the action on the African savanna takes place at night. Be ready for it with a spotlight to highlight your subject. A spotlight is also useful for long exposures.

Stabilize Your Shots

A quick-adjust tripod or at least a bean bag are ideal accessories to bring on safari. Movement plays a profound role in photography, and stabilizing your camera will help ensure crisp, in-focus shops.

A tripod is also necessary for long exposure photography. If you aim to do a lot of these sort of shots, also consider bringing a shutter release cable to further minimize movement.

In conclusion, the accessories you bring on safari will vary somewhat based on your photography style. Think about what you would bring for any big event or memorable occasion, then add in factors like available space in your luggage, the climate of your destination and your mode of transportation during the safari. Happy shooting!