5 Can’t-Miss Tips If You Travel to Dublin

Many people consider Ireland a boring holiday destination. Of course, in Dublin you won’t find any special monuments, famous museums or original entertainments. In general this is a common town, which reminds with its modest architecture of the time when Ireland was a very poor country, whose inhabitants emigrated to other countries.
Nevertheless, Dublin is very unique and boasts of countless pubs and interesting people. The highlight of Dublin is its special atmosphere of relaxation and well-being. Therefore, you will not regret if you choose this city for a fun pastime in the circle of your friends. But before you go there, consider some useful tips below.

1. When to go to Dublin
Dublin is characterized by temperate maritime climate, where there is less rainfall than on the other territory of the “Emerald Isle”. However the rain may catch you all year round in Dublin. The rainiest month is December. In summer it is cool and comfortable with the maximum temperature in July up to 20°C. Most of the sunny days come in May and June.


The winters are warm enough, since the temperature rarely drops below zero. In general there are no extreme temperatures in Dublin, as well as in the rest territory of Ireland. The best period for visiting the city is from May to August. During the low tourist season in Ireland, everything becomes much cheaper than during the high season, so if you want to save money, go to Dublin in spring, autumn or winter.

2. How to get around Dublin
In the center of Dublin the roads are very congested, but currently, thanks to the new LUAS speed tram with multiple stops, it has become very easy to get to the major destinations around the city.


The bus network of the city is also well-developed, but this way of getting around Dublin is convenient for those who daily go to the city center and back. Additionally, the downtown, the suburbs and the coast are interconnected with the rapid rail service (DART).
The public transport stops working before midnight, so after 23:00 it can be difficult to find a taxi in the city center, especially on weekends. You may catch a taxi in the street, but sometimes it is easier to find it at the parking lot or use a phone. So, the best option for those who would like to explore Dublin without any haste is cheap car rental.

3. Where to eat in Dublin
In Dublin there won’t be any difficulties with finding the place for lunch or dinner, since there are almost 2 thousands of restaurants to choose from! But we can advise you a few places, where inexpensive, but good-quality food is offered:

«Chez Max»
This traditional French cafe is situated closely to Dublin Castle. The guests are accommodated in the charming garden, which reminds of sitting on a sunny day in Paris. You can order there typical French meals, snacks, inexpensive wine and other beverages.
Address: 1 Palace Street, Dublin 2


«Green Nineteen»
This is the eatery with a relaxed atmosphere, where almost all the main courses cost up to 10 EUR. You can enjoy there a delicious food and high-quality cocktails. Almost all the dishes on the menu are prepared with curry. In general this is the perfect place when you’re not sure what exactly you want to eat.
Address: 19 Camden Street, Dublin 2

«Pablo Picante’s»
This bar was once voted one of the best burrito restaurants in Dublin. So, gradually this small burrito bar has become very popular in the city. The place offers an impressive assortment of burritos at quite a reasonable price.
Address: 4 Clarendon Market

4. Where to stay in Dublin
The city offers a large variety of hotels and hostels.
Those who prefer comfort can choose 4-Star Schoolhouse Hotel, which is located in Ballsbridge. One night in the hotel, including a delicious Irish breakfast will cost around 90 EUR.
If you don’t want to waste the time for public transport, then you can choose a hotel in the city center. For example, the perfect solution would be Clifden House Hotel on Gardiner Place. An overnight at the hotel, including breakfast, will cost around 60 EUR.
Those who are going to travel with a minimum budget, can opt for one of the hostels. For example, Avalon House hostel located on Aungier Street offers good comfort and low price for the service. An overnight at the hostel will cost only 27 EUR. In addition, the guests of the hotel can use free Wi-Fi, order a breakfast and excursions.


In addition, very often the hotels offer to get a room with a big discount or even can allow you to stay for 2-3 days free of charge. But you will be asked to do something in return, for example, to wash the floor, to wipe the windows, or sing at the entrance of the hotel. As you see, staying in Dublin can be not simply cheap but even bring lots of joy!

5. Where to have fun in Dublin
When thinking of Irish nightlife, probably, one of the first images that come to mind is an Irish pub. You are absolutely right regarding that! But, except for the numerous pubs, there are lots of night clubs in Dublin that offer an exciting atmosphere. So, here are a few places which you can check out in Dublin at night:

«Copper Face Jacks»
This is one of the most influential entertainment facilities in Dublin. The parties in the club are gathering crowds of people of different age, who go there to have a good time and drink. The visitors aged 20 and over can go to the club on Sunday through Thursday, while on Friday and Saturday only the visitors aged 21 and older will be accepted.
Opening hours: daily 23:00-07:00

The visitors of this club are famous local rugby players and models. This club offers trendy interior and the most daring rhythms of r’n’b, funk and house. Take into consideration that the later you come to the club, the more strict face control you’ll need to undergo.
Opening hours: Friday 23:30 – 4:00, Saturday 23:00 – 4:00

So, you can see that even though Dublin is not the best destination for those who love sightseeing, it can be a great choice for having fun with your friends.
Hopefully, the tips given above will help you to arrange an interesting, cost-effective and definitely not boring weekend in Dublin!

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer who enjoys blogging about different countries and also giving useful tips about travelling by car.